3D scanning keeps improving product, let quality drive profit

3D Scanning Keeps Creating Excellent Products

3D measurement technologies have a wide range of applications in machinery manufacturing, providing various 3D solutions for its development. Work flow like product design & optimization, FAI, assembly analysis, quality control and simulation can be very effective by 3D scanning. Therefore, 3D scanning is definitely an extraordinary advantage for manufacturing companies.


ScanTech owns rich experience in machinery and customizing products and solutions for different mechanical parts and various inspection requirements. We are dedicated to helping machinery manufacturers more efficiently realize manufacturing demands.

Machinery Manufacturing

3D Inspection

ScanTech 3D measurement technologies truly deliver non-destructive inspection.

Compared with contact measurement, 3D laser scanning is much faster and more flexible with capturing full 3D data. The 3D data of complicated curved surfaces, coaxiality and cylindricity can also be easily obtained, while the traditional solutions are difficult to achieve. However, handheld 3D scanners can get complete 3D data without mechanical wear of the aircraft’s parts and obtain deviation color maps. That is an efficient way to provide optimal modification plan and streamline labor cost.

Reverse Engineering

For reverse engineering of mechanical products, ScanTech handheld 3D scanners can capture high-precision 3D data of objects. The accuracy of 3D laser scanners can be up to 0.03mm to ensure more accurate reverse modeling, which saves development cost and shortens development cycles for machinery manufacturers.


Mechanical wear is inevitable during the fabrication and application of mechanical products. Even small parts also cause huge losses, therefore, products’ maintenance is indispensable. HSCAN, PRINCE, AXE 3D scanner can accurately obtain 3D data of mechanical products, we can correctly find the wear parts and better understand how to maintain the products based on 3D data.

Mould Inspection

Moulds need to be repaired regularly due to mechanical wear, but how to fix and where should be repaired? PRINCE, HSCAN, AXE 3D scanner can quickly acquire the 3D data of whole moulds, and get the color map by comparing 3D data and original drawings. These accurate measurement data build a solid foundation for moulds’ maintenance.

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