Digital Yacht

Creating a 3D model of the digital yacht with Scantech KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner

Scantech KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner provides unique advantages when modeling digital yachts. It ensures seamless integration of digital components, optimizing cable routing and compact system placement for efficient use of space.

Precision Design Integration:

Enables precise integration of components, ensuring seamless incorporation of design elements such as cabins, decks, and amenities for an optimized layout.

Accurate Hull and Deck Profiling:

Provides accurate hull and deck profiling, ensuring that the 3D model captures the unique contours of the yacht’s structure, contributing to hydrodynamic efficiency.

Adaptability for Yacht Refits:

Supports adaptability for yacht refits by providing a detailed model that allows for efficient planning and implementation of upgrades or modifications.

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