Dinosaur Fossils

Creating the 3D model of dinosaur fossils with Scantech TrackScan 3D scanner

The Scantech TrackScan 3D scanner preserves detailed fossils and allows virtual exploration, while aiding in the study of fragmented specimens. It revolutionizes paleontology, enabling in-depth analysis and digital reconstruction.

Preservation of Fossil Records

The scanner ensures the preservation of detailed 3D records of dinosaur fossils, allowing for a comprehensive and accurate digital archive of paleontological findings.

Virtual Exploration

The scanner allows for virtual exploration and manipulation of dinosaur fossils, offering researchers the ability to examine specimens from multiple angles and dissect digital representations for in-depth analysis.

Study of Fragmented Specimens

The detailed 3D model aids in the study of fragmented or incomplete dinosaur fossils, allowing scientists to digitally reconstruct missing parts and gain a more holistic understanding of the specimen.

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