Flywheel 3D Model

Creating a 3D model of a flywheel with Scantech SIMSCAN handheld 3D scanner

Using the Scantech SIMSCAN handheld 3D scanner for creating a 3D model of a flywheel provides benefits such as precision balancing, mass distribution analysis, on-site inspection, and design optimizations specific to the flywheel’s role in automotive systems.

Precision Balancing:

Enables precise modeling of the flywheel, essential for accurate balancing to reduce vibrations and enhance overall engine performance.

Detailed Mass Distribution Analysis:

Facilitates a detailed analysis of mass distribution, aiding in optimizing the flywheel’s weight distribution for improved rotational stability.

Quick On-Site Inspection for Automotive Applications:

The handheld nature allows for swift on-site inspections in automotive settings, ensuring the flywheel aligns with specific requirements during assembly and installation.

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