Glazed Carving Bottle

Creating the 3D model of the Glazed Carving Bottle with a Scantech 3D Scanner

The 3D model of the Glazed Carving Bottle provides an unprecedented level of realism. The high-definition digital model not only captures the elegance of the bottle’s glazed carving but goes beyond to unveil the subtle imperfections, such as scratches, that bear witness to the passage of time.

Viewers are offered a nuanced and authentic encounter with the bottle’s surface, where every scratch becomes a testament to the bottle’s journey and history. This level of precision in the digital rendition allows for a profound appreciation of the craftsmanship and the unique character embedded in the Glazed Carving Bottle.

As a digital archive of both artistry and wear, this 3D model becomes a valuable resource for preservationists, historians, and enthusiasts, providing a close and immersive exploration of the bottle’s surface, complete with the marks that tell a story of its enduring legacy.

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