Graphite Mold Casting

Creating the 3D model of graphite mold casting with Scantech 3D scanner

The Scantech 3D scanner creates a precise 3D model of a graphite mold, allowing for optimized manufacturing, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. It also ensures precise alignment of mold halves, resulting in consistent and high-quality castings.

Mold Lifespan Optimization

Engineers can analyze stress distribution within the graphite mold, aiding in the design for durability and longevity, ultimately extending the lifespan of the mold.

Reduction in Machining Time

The precise 3D model allows for optimized machining paths, reducing machining time during the production of the graphite mold and improving overall manufacturing efficiency.

Alignment of Mold Halves

The scanner aids in ensuring precise alignment of mold halves, minimizing assembly issues and contributing to consistent casting quality.

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