Creating the 3D model of impeller with a Scantech 3D scanner

Excellent KSCAN 3D scanner for 3D inspection, reverse engineering, quality control, etc. Help you get faster product development with 0.035mm/m volumetric accuracy and 0.01mm resolution.

Precision in Blade Geometry

The scanner ensures high precision in capturing the intricate details of impeller blades, allowing for accurate representation of their shape, curvature, and angles.

Wear Analysis

Precise modeling allows for wear analysis on impeller surfaces, aiding in the design of wear-resistant features and optimizing the impeller for longer operational life.

Cavitation Analysis

The scanner enables engineers to analyze and optimize impeller designs to minimize cavitation, preventing damage to the impeller and improving overall performance.

Various 3D scanning solutions for your 3D measurement needs

With Scantech's cutting-edge 3D scanning technology,
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