Large Heavy Duty Casting

Creating a 3D model of a large heavy-duty casting with Scantech KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner

With a detailed digital model of a large heavy-duty casting created by the Scantech KSCAN-Magic 3D scanner, manafacturers can identity the allowance of the casting, optimize the material utilization for structural integrity and longevity, and streamline the production.

Customization for Specialized Applications:

Facilitates efficient measurement to meet the specific requirements of heavy-duty applications, such as industrial machinery or structural components.

Optimized Material Utilization:

Supports the optimal use of materials in large castings, considering factors like weight distribution and stress analysis to enhance structural integrity and longevity.

Efficient Production Transition:

Facilitates a smooth transition to large-scale production by providing a detailed digital model that seamlessly translates into manufacturing processes, reducing errors and optimizing efficiency.

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