Motor’s Hairpin

Creating a 3D model of the motor’s hairpin with Scantech SIMSCAN portable 3D scanner

Scantech SIMSCAN portable 3D scanner, when used for creating a 3D model of a motor’s hairpin, offers specific advantages in dimensional accuracy assessment and coating quality inspection. These benefits contribute to improved overall quality, reliability, and efficiency in the manufacturing of motor components.

Coating Thickness Analysis:

Facilitates thorough analysis of the coating thickness on the hairpin, providing insights into the uniformity and consistency of the protective coating, which is crucial for durability and corrosion resistance.

Defect Detection for Quality Assurance:

Supports the identification of defects or irregularities in both the dimensional aspects and coating quality, allowing for immediate corrective actions and ensuring the overall quality of the motor component.

Customization for Motor Specifications:

Facilitates efficient customization of the hairpin design to meet the precise specifications of the motor, allowing for adjustments to enhance electrical efficiency and overall motor performance.

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