Noble Wine Vessel

Creating the 3D model of Noble Wine Vessel with Optical Scantech 3D scanner

The Noble Wine Vessel, also known as the Dragon and Phoenix Goblet. Given its exquisite bronze composition, intricate carvings featuring phoenix and chi dragon motifs, clear texture, and fine craftsmanship, the creation of a 3D model for this artifact holds even more significance.

Detailed Artistic Appreciation:

The 3D model allows for a close examination of the intricate details, textures, and craftsmanship of the nobel wine vessel, enabling a more profound appreciation of the artistic elements and ancient style.

Research in Iconography:

Scholars and researchers can delve into the iconography of the phoenix and chi dragon carvings, using the 3D model to study the symbolic meanings and cultural connotations associated with these motifs in the context of the Dragon and Phoenix Goblet.

Historical Interpretation:

The 3D model aids in historical interpretation, enabling researchers to explore how the ancient style is vividly portrayed in the Dragon and Phoenix Goblet. This contributes to a deeper understanding of the historical and artistic context in which it was created.

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