Stamping Die

Creating the 3D model of stamping die with Scantech 3D scanner

How to scan big sheet of metal stamping by a cold forming process with our portable 3D scanner?In the project, our TrackScan 3D scanner makes it possible to scan without markers and obtain accurate 3D data comparing with design data.

Consistent Stamping Results

The 3D model aids in designing dies that result in consistent and high-quality stamped products, reducing variations and defects in the stamped parts.

Quick Die Changeovers

The precise reference provided by the 3D model helps streamline die changeovers, reducing downtime and increasing the overall efficiency of the stamping process.

Tool Life Enhancement

By analyzing stress distribution and wear patterns, engineers can optimize the die design to enhance tool life, reducing the frequency of replacements and improving overall cost-effectiveness.

Various 3D scanning solutions for your 3D measurement needs

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