Stamping Part

Creating a 3D model of a stamping part with Scantech TrackScan-P Optical 3D Measurement System

The Scantech TrackScan-P Optical 3D Measurement System ensures precision and efficiency in analyzing stamped parts. It optimizes tooling design, reduces scrap rates, and contributes to material efficiency. The system’s digital documentation facilitates iterative design improvements and seamless integration into assembly processes, enhancing overall productivity in stamping lines.

Detailed Form Inspection:

Facilitates a detailed inspection of the stamped form, allowing for the analysis of critical features, angles, and surface profiles to meet design specifications.

Quality Control for Stamping Tolerances:

Supports quality control by ensuring that stamped parts meet tight tolerances, contributing to the production of high-quality components with minimal variations.

Optimized Tooling Design:

Assists in the optimization of tooling design for stamping, ensuring that dies and molds are precisely shaped for efficient and accurate forming of parts.

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