Advanced 3D scanning technology boost energy industry development

Advanced 3D Measurement Technologies Boost Energy Industry Development

Energy is a pillar industry for national economy and national defense construction. The design and quality of the product directly determine the efficiency of energy conversion. Therefore, the energy product development as well as quality control can’t be separated from high efficiency and precision 3D measurement methods.

The energy conversion equipment is usually large and unwieldy with curved surface and complex structure. As a result, that brings measuring and detection a lot of difficulties. Therefore, the traditional measurement methods have a constraint on energy industry development.

ScanTech 3D scanners are characterized by high precision, fast measurement rate, capturing complete & accurate 3D data, strong environmental adaptability and flexibility. These 3D scanners carry a big weight in overcoming challenges for energy, accelerate progress of R&D and strictly control product quality, which is how our 3D scanners provide the industry with powerful 3D technologies.

Application in Energy

– Solar

– Wind

– Nuclear

– Petroleum and natural gas

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