Machinery Manufacturing

Machinery Manufacturing

3D scanning keeps improving product, let quality drive profit

3D scanning keeps products lean and quality drives profitability.

3D measurement technology has a wide range of application prospects in the field of mechanical manufacturing, providing a variety of 3d digital solutions for the development of mechanical manufacturing. For example, product design, product optimization, first part inspection, assembly analysis, quality control, and simulation can be used to greatly improve the efficiency of 3D measurement, and it will be an advantage for manufacturing companies in the market.

ScanTech has very rich experience in the field of machinery and customize products and solutions for different mechanical parts sizes and various testing requirements, only to help the machinery manufacturing enterprises to more efficiently realize the production and manufacturing needs.

1. 3D inspection

Scantech 3D measurement technology truly deliver non-destructive testing. Compared with contact measurement, laser 3D scanning is much faster, more complete data and higher flexibility. The 3D data can also be easily obtained on the parts that are difficult to detect in the traditional solutions such as complicated curved surfaces, turbine blades, and dead angles. The handheld 3D scanner can obtain accurate and reliable 3D data without causing secondary damage to the objects.
According the color map, engineers can get a reliable correction plan, greatly improving the detection efficiency and reducing the time and labor costs.

2.Reverse Engineering

For reverse engineering of mechanical products, ScanTech handheld 3D scanner can obtain high-precision 3D data of the object easily. The accuracy of the 3d laser scanner is up to 0.03mm to ensure more accurate reverse modeling and shorten the development cycle, help company achieve high performance at low cost.


The phenomenon of wear is inevitable during the process of fabrication and application of mechanical products. Small part cause huge losses, so it is very important for the maintenance of mechanical products. HSCAN, PRINCE, AXE 3D scanner can accurately obtain 3D data of mechanical products. Through comparison and analysis of 3D data, it can accurately and timely find the wear parts, and provide data basis for the maintenance of parts.

4.Mould Inspection

Molds need to be repaired regularly, but how much to fix, where to repair is a difficult problem in mold inspection. PRINCE, HSCAN, AXE 3D scanner can easily obtain the entire mold shape data, the 3D shape data and the original drawings are compared to get the color map, accurate measurement data provide reliable basis for mold repair.

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