VR Showcase

VR Showcase

3D scanning makes VR accessible

3D Scanning Makes VR Accessible

Virtual reality is a powerful man-machine interface, including real time simulation and interaction through a variety of sensory channels. Complex 3D modeling becomes an obstacle in the development of virtual reality technology.

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Scantech 3D laser scanning technologies weaken the complicacy of 3D modeling to popularize VR applications.

Our leading-edge 3D scanners obtain 3D point cloud from object to acquire accurate and high resolution 3D digital models. Handheld 3D scanners such as KSCAN and SIMSCAN feature in fast speed, high precision, proactivity, real-time visualization, flexibility, and non-contact measurement. These portable 3D laser scanners can be widely used in various applications and greatly improve the efficiency of 3D reconstruction in the field of VR.

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