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ScanTech at Formnext 2019

Formnext 2019

19 November, 09:00 – 22 November, 16:00

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

As the leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing, Formnext conveys the next generation of intelligent industrial products.

It is a fair trade feast that calls upon experts from a wide range of industry sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical technology, electrical engineering, machinery manufacturing, etc. Attendees are eager to explore innovative technologies, like industrial 3D printing and 3D scanning, to keep them ahead of fierce competition.

Come along and join ScanTech at Hall 12.1-G123. You are hereby invited, click here to GET A FREE TICKET!

Our latest 3D scanner TrackScan 3D system will be presented abroad. It delivers accurate 3D scanning without attaching markers. We will also bring you our metrology-grade KSCAN 3D scanner, PRINCE 3D laser scanner, and iReal 2S 3D color scanner.

From quality control to reverse engineering, product development or other 3D solutions, your demands will be satisfied by our cutting-edge 3D measurement solutions. Looking forward to meeting you at Formnext 2019.

USA Trade Event 2019

This year, ScanTech attended world-famous tradeshows like Control Show (quality control) and EMO EXPO (metalworking) in Europe. Both of our metrology 3D scanner KSCAN and color 3D scanner iReal 2S gave their overseas debut during the show. We delivered our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to the world.
Next month, ScanTech will continue to present our 3D measurement solutions at U.S. FabTech and SEMA EXPO. You are hereby invited to join us. We’ll be happy to meet you. Click here to GET A FREE TICKET!


Help you find the best products to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions at this North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event.


The world premier automotive specialty products trade event brings together manufacturers and buyers in every segment of the automotive industry.

ScanTech at EMO Hannover 2019

EMO Hannover Exhibition is the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking industry. Exhibitors come from all over the world, with the exchange of industrial know-how and specialized networking events as the highlights of the trade show, both providers and attendees of the production technology sector benefit a lot from it.

The EMO hannover 2019 starts from Sept.16 to 21. At the booth NO.9, K20, we bring our competitive 3D scanning solutions for quality control, reverse engineering, product development, 3D inspection and color measurement to the world, including KSCAN 3D scanner, our metrology-grade 3D measurement device with strong versatility, PRINCE 3D laser scanner for extreme details, TrackScan tracking 3D scanning without markers and our latest iReal 2S color 3D scanner (this is its overseas debut).

Infinite Possibilities to Metrology Measuring

The KSCAN 3D scanner is a versatile 3D inspection device that adopts built-in photogrammetry system with 0.035mm/m volumetric accuracy, red laser scan mode with 650,000 measurements/s and blue laser scan mode with 10μm resolution. This 3D scanner is easy to detect pipe and edge combining with our 3D software ScanViewer.

Easily scan large volume even small coin

prince 3D scanner

High efficiency and ultra-high detail are unique points of PRINCE 3D lase scanner, benefiting from red and blue laser working modes, it is easy to scan large plane even small coin.

Invisible Light to Capture Endless Colors

iReal 2S adopts infrared light technology, making it totally safe and comfortable for scanning people, especially capturing 3D data of human eyes without any uncomfortableness. Hair scanning is always a difficulty for normal color 3D scanners, but iReal 2S has a strong ability in hair acquisition.

Unique tracking technology without markers


TrackScan rapidly obtains high accuracy of the 3D model without attaching markers, truly realizing nondestructive testing.

During the show, attendees get hands-on demonstrations of our 3D scanners and have a better understanding of our R&D ability as well as innovation spirit.

With continuous efforts, we gain high reputations when collaborating with world-famous companies such as Siemens, Boeing, Volkswagen, General Motors, JLR, etc.

Brand-new Updated AXE-B11 3D Scanner

ScanTech, a high-tech 3D measurement company, has always insisted customer-oriented and technology-driven since we stepped into 3D measuring field.
The release of our re-engineered AXE-B11 is another one of our handheld 3D scanners. It is specially designed to deliver cutting-edge and effective 3D solutions for large-scale 3D measurement.

  • 11 crossed blue lasers ( 1 extra blue laser) 

Due to multiple crossed laser lines, AXE-B11 has a great performance on large-volume 3D measurement with high-efficiency. It only needs very few markers to finish the scanning process by scan area of 420 mm × 380 mm.

  • 1,300,000 measurements/s

The astonishing speed facilitates the process of measuring large workpieces by 1,300,000 measurements/s. It saves numerous working time and labor cost for inspection professionals and manufacturers.

  • Built-in photogrammetry system

The built-in photogrammetry system extremely improves the volumetric accuracy up to 0.025 mm/m and accuracy up to 0.02 mm. AXE-B11 offers professional 3D scanning for large-volume without an extra device.

  • Versatile Combination

AXE-B11 meets measuring different demands by freely matching with the accurate reference bar, Helpers engineer kit, etc.

AXE-B11 3D scanner is a great problem solver for industrial 3D measurement. It enables high-quality scan experience and speeds up 3D digitization. This handheld 3D scanner fully satisfies the demands of various 3D digital applications such as quality control, product R&D and reverse engineering. AXE-B11 is your an indispensable scanning device to keep you stay ahead of the competitors and take up more market sectors.

For more newsletters of ScanTech 3D scanners, please read below:

The New Generation of Color 3D Scanner iReal 2S Comes Out

ScanTech Launched New 3D Scanner KSCAN 3D Scanner

The New Generation of Color 3D Scanner iReal 2S Comes Out

ScanTech has announced the release of iReal 2S 3D scanner on July 18th, 2019. This new generation of our color 3D scanner has been specially designed for delivering cutting-edge but also easier and faster color 3D measurements. It will be a great problem solver for managing your product development cycle.

3D Scanner iReal 2S

The iReal 2S remains the strengths of our handheld 3D scanners like accurate, advanced technologies, portable, user-friendly. It is also optimized to streamline workflows and facilitates the design iteration process by following advantages:

  • Initiativelyadopts double scattering speckle technology: blue LED light and red invisible spectrum
  • CLASS I red spectrum brings you the most comfortable and safest scanning experience
  • Super HD texture capturing capacity extremely meets the requirements of texture acquisition
  • Versatile alignment for diverse demands: support texture/geometric/markers alignment modes
  • Fully automatic post-processing algorithm& ergonomic design

iReal 2S maximizes performances in various aspects such as texture acquisition, accuracy and detail capturing. It achieves a wider range of applications in color texture, health care, industry & art design, culture relics digitalization, VR/AR, education & research, digital sculpture, 3D printing, etc.

Key Features of iReal 2S

1. Double scattering speckle technology

iReal 2S simultaneously adopts blue LED light and Red invisible spectrum. This global initiative technology extends a wider range of work environments. Blue light offers high-resolution data acquisition with strong anti-interference capacity. The red spectrum is insensitive to different materials and enlarges scan area with high efficiency.

color scanning

color data

2. Top comfortability & safety

Class I red spectrum brings the most comfortable and safest scanning experience to users. Line-of-sight issues are eliminated. People can freely open eyes during the scanning process.

Red spectrum scanning overcomes the difficulty to obtain data of hairs and eyes creatively and perfectly. It can be applied to education, medical treatment, public inspection, and other applications.

3. Versatile alignment for diverse demands

iReal 2S color 3D scanner integrates texture/geometric/markers alignment modes.

Scanning without markers: when an object has continuous and irregular textures or geometric features, it can be scanned without any markers base on texture alignment and geometric alignment.

Mixed alignment modes: scanning object without continuous or irregular textures or geometric features, iReal 2S combines 3 alignment modes and only needs few markers to finish it.

texture data

texture acquisiton

feature alignment

4. Overall Update

With its ergonomic design and user-friendly interface, users can quickly start even without any experience. This lightweight handheld 3D scanner is easy-carrying by less than 1KG.

5. Perfect match: 3D scanning & AR

ScanTech originally integrates augmented reality technology into 3D scanning. The E-AR device offers you immersive scanning experience and supports real-time scanning feedback efficiently and flexibly.

These years, ScanTech has unswervingly stuck to customer-oriented. We clearly understand the customer demands and problems of color 3D scanning. Our R&D team has greatly evolved over the past few years. Based on flawless color texture, unrivaled comfortability safety, fast measurement rate, comprehensive applications, the iReal 2S 3D scanner will be your best alternative to color 3D solutions.

Share Innovative 3D Measurement at Control 2019

The Control is the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, which is held annually in Stuttgart, Germany. It brings together the international market leaders, pioneering industry experts, creative suppliers, complete solutions in hardware, etc. Visitors from all over the world can discover the latest products and technics and explore new business contacts here.

The 33rd Control is taking place on May 7 ~ 10 at Messe Stuttgart. ScanTech also participates this grand show as before.

We will present our latest innovation KSCAN 3D scanner on metrology measuring in Control 2019, and our PRINCE 3D scanner with global initiative dual laser scan mode, structured light 3D scanner iReal and AirGo smart device will also be exhibited. Don’t hesitate to join us at booth 3-3508, and our experts are available to answer all your questions.

Infinite Possibilities to Metrology Measuring

KSCAN 3D Scanner is a professional 3D scanner with the wildest applications. It integrates photogrammetry function and dual laser scan mode which are global initiative technologies. The built-in photogrammetry function greatly expands the scan area and improves volumetric accuracy. KSCAN combines high efficiency and ultra-detail benefitting from dual laser scan mode. It offers practical solutions targeting at objects range from 0.02m to 10m.

KSCAN supports probing that can correctly acquire the 3D data of hole, plane, edge, etc. It can work with ScanViewer to fulfill different inspection functions such as pipe measurement, deformation detection and GD&T, which conducts effective, reliable and full-scale 3D measurement technologies for product design and inspection professionals.

Easily Scan Large Volume Even Small Coin

Visualize Your Real World In Your Eyes

Deliver intelligent 3D measurement

Wonderful Moments in Control Show

According to various onsite demonstrations and customers’ feedback, ScanTech has an insight into the demands of 3D measurement in numerous applications. We win high reputations when collaborating with world-famous companies such as Siemens, Boeing, Volkswagen, General Motors, JLR, etc.

No matter what we achieved in the past, we will always keep customer-oriented in mind and unswervingly concentrate on research and development. Moreover, we will continue to be creative and innovative, so that we can deliver better intelligent visual measuring solutions for manufacturers and bring more powerful world-leading 3D scanners for manufacturing revolution.


ScanTech new product spring launch conference was held at CIMT (China International Machine Tool Show) on April 17, 2019. Many industry experts, partners and press media participated in this event on that day. ScanTech officially released KSCAN 3D scanner with two global initiative technologies: built-in photogrammetry system and a dual laser scan mode.

KSCAN 3d scanner

With the development of 3D technologies, 3D scanners have a rapid evolution in working efficiency and portability.

How Does KSCAN 3D scanner come out?

Handheld 3D scanners and structured light 3D scanners are widely applied to industrial 3D measurement. However, handheld 3D scanners can’t scan small objects with high resolution, while the structural light 3D scanner is difficult to effectively scan large workpieces. At present, no portable 3D scanner is able to simultaneously realize the following points:

  • Scanning large-scale with high volumetric accuracy (0.035mm/m) just by one machine
  • Scanning very small things with high resolution (0.01mm)
  •  Support contact measurement in certain conditions

ScanTech always focuses on researching and developing handheld 3D scanners since 2011. Based on various onsite demonstrations and customers’ feedback, we have an insight into the demands of 3D measurement in numerous applications. ScanTech experts went through the whole two years to transform the product’s concept into an unprecedented KSCAN 3D scanner. It sets a new trend for handheld 3D scanners. Besides, this new generation 3D scanner fully meets the requirements of industrial measurement with a turnkey solution. Therefore, the KSCAN 3D scanner was definitely born for metrology-grade measuring.

metrology 3d scanner

KSCAN 3D scanner forms its extraordinary strengths by merging all the functions of non-contact measurement:

  • Upgraded performance in accuracy, measurement rate, scan area, depth of field, hardware, assistant parts, user experience, etc.
  • Innovative functions in probing and edge detection. Get over with the demerits of traditional 3D scanners for measuring datum hole, hidden point, features, sheet metal, and hole & edge detection of sheet metal.
  • Multi-functional 3D software: ScanViewer supports different inspection functions such as pipe measurement, deformation detection and GD&T.

New handware3d scanner

5 Special Functions of KSCAN

#1 Volumetric accuracy up to 0.035mm

Higher precision

The built-in photogrammetry system plays an obvious role in scanning large volumes by increasing 70% of volumetric accuracy.

# 2 Incomparable resolution up to 10μm

Global initiative dual laser scan mode

higher precision 3d scanner

KSCAN global initiative dual laser scan mode can quickly switch to reach different measurement rates and accuracy. KSCAN is as flexible and effective as handheld 3D scanner, and it also keeps the high precision of structured light 3D scanner.

3d scan resolution

# 3 Measurement Efficiency Extremely Enhanced

Efficient scanning process

Efficient scanning process

# 4 Probing

Portable CMM

probing measurement

KSCAN supports probing to provide reliable 3D solutions for measuring datum hole, hidden point, features, ready detection, etc.

# 5 Intelligent Edge Detection

Fast acquire 3D data of hole and edge

KSCAN gets 3D data of hole and edge more accurately due to its advanced algorithm.

Benefitting from red and blue laser scan mode, KSCAN 3D scanner surpasses other handheld 3D laser scanners in capturing details. And the built-in photogrammetry system greatly expands the scan area and improves volumetric accuracy.

KSCAN redefines what the portable 3D scanners are with its two global initiative technologies. It increases volumetric accuracy from 0.06 mm/m to 0.035 mm/m just by one machine and offers full-size solutions for objects from 0.02m to 10m.

ScanTech always unswervingly complies with customer-oriented and puts forward many comprehensive 3D measurement solutions through professional technologies and self-innovation spirit.

In the future, ScanTech will be consistently contributed to the R&D of 3D digital technologies so as to keep the world-leading 3D measurement solutions for manufacturers.

Announcing Our New Logo and Brand Identity

We are proud to announce the launch of the new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

ScanTech always insists on customer-oriented and focuses on their demand. We are aiming to provide professional 3D digital solutions for customers all over the world.

Rebranding represents our many successes, ongoing transition, beliefs, and values. The new image reflects who we are today and our vision for a prosperous future. We looked at colors, font type, and design.

company new logo change

New Logo

This new Logo encapsulates what ScanTech stands for: superior quality and innovation. The three-dimensional “A” in blue, represents the ScanTech’s persistent R&D spirit. The dark and light blue symbolize our determination and dynamism on the path of being technology leader in 3D measurement field.

In the upcoming days, we will gradually update all our marketing literature, online presence, etc.

ScanTech will unswervingly specialize in 3D measuring technology and make great efforts to world machinery manufacturing.

PRINCE dual laser 3D scanner, redefine industrial 3D measurement

when the concept of virtual reality became more and more popular In 2016, VR is well known by everyone,however,3D scanning technology is rarely noticed .3D scanning technology required for 3D remodeling is widely applied to architecture, business, medical, military, industrial, film and television effects, 3D printing, and the hottest VR, AR, etc.

Industria 3D measurement weakness:

There are two main 3D scanners in industrial 3D measurement field such as handheld 3D scanner with high portability and flexibility and camera 3D scanner with high resoultion and high detail,whose advantage are well known in current industry.
But there is no one handheld scanner combination these two scanner advantage,not only scan high detail tiny object,but also efficiently scan large volume.
There are different size modeling ,different requirement for detail and complex environment in 3D measurement field,which leads to a single camera or handheld laser scanner not solve all of scanning problems.So the user should decide to purchase two kinds scanners to meet different requirement.

Prince redefine industrial 3d measurement

Scantech launched Prince handheld dual laser 3D scanner combination with portability and high detail in 11th NOv,2016,which perfectly solve weakness in current industry ,easy to scan from tiny parts to plane.

Prince 3D scanner also combine Scantech efficient image graphic algorithm and Powerful data post-processing, its emergency is bound to overturn the tradition and redefine the industrial 3d measurement.

Prince 3D scanner core strengths

Prince is developed by Scantech for 2years with global pioneering band field depth technology, overturn traditional handheld 3d scanner working mode.

we analyze the difference between Prince 3d scanner and traditional hand-held 3d scanner, take parameter of Prince 335 as a example:

Dual scan mode: Red standard scan mode and Blue hyperfine scan mode. Two working mode can switch rapidly. Standard mode R inherit traditional 3D scanner function and effect; hyperfine scan mode B with ultra-detail capture same as high equipped camera 3d scanner. All data from two working mode is in same file without post-processing.

Fast scanning, equip with 129fps camera, scanning speed is twice higher than normal handheld 3d scanner
Extreme detail: resolution is up to 0.01mm,the detail degree is five times than normal handheld 3D scanner, greatly improve 3D data detail degree.

Prince 3d scanner debut in DMP exhibition (booth NO.3,3A17) in 29th Nov, for more information pls visit

Prince 3d scanner begin to receive reservation from December.

<h4>Scantech  crazy 3D lab activity</h4>

Scantech will start a month-long offline 3d scanning free experience in Hangzhou on 1th Dec,whether you are experienced or not,Prince will invite you to challenge its extreme detail,play with black technology together.

3D scanner development trend
Contact measurement
Advantage:high precision,up to um grade
Not restrict for object color & light
Suitable for simple shape object
Easy to damage probe and surface of scanned object
Unable to measure soft object,limited application
Slow scanning speed(restricted by mechanical movement)
Object size restricted by CMM size
Sensitive to environment temperature
Only to obtain key points
Not reflect the whole shape of parts
Most important: super expensive

Non-contact camera 3D scanner
High detail
High accuracy
Can scan small and complex object

Bad flexibility
Bad accuracy for large volume
Low efficiency for complex object
High requirement for color,material of scanned object
Image enhancement needed for dark or shiny object

Non-contact Handheld 3d scanner
High portable and flexible
Suitable for large volume, complex object, polysurface
Easy to scan shiny and black surface
Easy to deal in indoor and outdoor not affected by environment light
Self-position scanner secure full freedom of movement
Detail is not as good as camera scanner
Not good for tiny parts