Highest volumetric accuracy Handheld 3D Scanner Deliver large volume 3D measurement individually

Highest volumetric accuracy Handheld 3D Scanner Deliver large volume 3D measurement individually

3D scanning changes the world

Scantech will release global initiative AXE 3D scanner following Prince 3D scanner in DMP exhibition in 28th Nov. AXE series is especially developed for large volume, only one single scanner could perform large volume high precision 3D measurement.

What is the significance in 3D measurement field?

Traditionally handheld scanner work with photogrammetry system to improve volumetric accuracy while scanning large volume, it is troublesome for operation and portability. AXE 3D scanner breakthrough upgrade volumetric accuracy and scanning efficiency, accuracy of AXE 3d scanner is as good as a handheld 3d scanner with a photogrammetry system, only one person is easy to perform large volume 3d measurement.


The biggest advantage of AXE is high efficiency and high volumetric accuracy, truly perform high precision large volume 3d measurement.

▌Ultra-volumetric accuracy

It is pseudo concept to talk about accuracy but neglect size of scanned object. We know that there is accumulative error in all size measurement, the accumulative error is bigger if the scanned object is larger. Therefore, Actual measurement accuracy should consider scanned object size. A more accurate concept is proposed in 3d measurement field-volumetric accuracy, volumetric accuracy determines the actual measurement precision of device, more obvious advantage for large volume measuring with higher volumetric accuracy

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▌Cut half quantity of stickers

The distance between stickers for AXE is much bigger than normal handheld 3D scanner, so the quantity of stickers is only half, which greatly reduce labor cost and time-saving.

▌Large measurement range

Scan area is double than HSCAN, greatly improve the scan efficiency

▌Single complete solution

AXE 3D scanner complete large volume 3D measurement individually, it is much easier and portable, high adaptability than multiple devices, very convenient for large volume 3D reconstruction.

AXE 3D scanner has achieved a real milestone innovation in portable 3D measurement filed, totally upgrade accuracy, measurement range, scan rate, portability, leads a new generation of 3D measurement device renovation, rapidly enhance efficiency of industrial manufacturing.

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