iReal 3D scanner

IReal 3d scanner is cost-effective specially designed for non-industrial field. ScanTech integrates the knowledge of AR, HD image acquisition and experienced metrology 3D measurement into IReal 3D scanner, pioneered the era of AR 3D scanning.
IReal 3d scanner deeply satisfies the demand of 3D Modeling Texture in non-industrial businesses. It brings cost-saving industrial transformation to enterprises in the digital age.

Tech Specs

Light sourceWhite light(LED)
Capture Texturesupport
Data Resolution0.3mm
AccuracyUp to 0.1 mm
3D accuracy over distanceUp to 0.03% over 100 cm
Texture resolution1.3mp
Texture Colors24 bpp
Scanning Area200 mm x 360 mm
Frame Rate15 fps
Measurement rate550000 points/s
Output formatsObj, Stl, Wrl, Ascii, Aop, Csv, Ply , Ptx, E57 *

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Blending reality & virtuality, virtual world hit your eye

Super HD texture, visualize what you see

Industrial HD camera, directly capture 3D data in full color.

No fixed, Free movement

IReal 3d scanner can be moved freely, no need of stickers or any tracking device.


Fast speed, smooth scanning

550000 points/s, high efficiency Unique algorithm, smooth scanning process


Ultra-high precision

Follow industrial 3D measurement technology, accuracy is up to 0.1mm.

Advanced Algorithm, Intelligent Optimization

Advanced algorithm based on industrial 3D measurement technology, automatically and
intelligently optimize 3D data to acquire 3D model without manual data post-processing.

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3D Model

Elephant model

Deadpool 3d model

A statue of the Tathagata