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Professional and Multifunctional 3D Software

Scantech’s 3D software offers comprehensive and powerful functions, including 3D scanning, 3D inspection, photogrammetry, and more. It enables engineers to use high-quality 3D data for product R&D, re-design, 3D inspection, 3D visualization, GD&T and color map generation.

During the scanning, the 3D software can deliver real-time feedback for intuitive use. The point clouds obtained by the software or the 3D models generated later can be seamlessly integrated into various industrial uses, whether it is First Article Inspection (FAI), quality control, or reverse engineering,

Glopho Photogrammetry Software

Glopho Photogrammetry Software

When combined with Scantech’s 3D measurement systems, photogrammetry software Glopho allows users to conduct accurate coordinate measuring for medium-to-large-scale parts.

It offers a complete toolset for all photogrammetry workflows with an intuitive interface and intelligent indications. Its measurement accuracy can reach 0.012 mm/m thanks to its sophisticated algorithm and architecture.

ScanViewer 3D Software

ScanViewer 3D Software

ScanViewer can be paired with Scantech’s handheld 3D scanners to provide users with friendly and one-stop 3D scanning and inspection experiences. With this advanced metrology 3D software, you can scan and inspect small-to-large parts with ease.

It allows for high-speed and high-quality 3D scanning to capture point clouds and generate mesh data automatically.

What is the best 3D scanner for your demands?

SCANTECH 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing non-contact measurement technology of the optical scanners coupled with precision measurement within product cycle times. Discover more Scantech 3D metrology solutions for you.


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Reverse Engineering 3D Printing

September 28, 2021, Scantech, a global 3D measurement company specialized in the development, manufacture, and sale of 3D scanners, releases the latest 3D scanning software iReal 3D V3.0 of our iReal lineup.

Product Development

This project shows insulation product detection with 3D scanning technology. Inspecting the parts with 3D scanners can make great contributions to our safety.

3D Printing

How to obtain the accurate 3D human data by using 3D software? Here is a technical tutorial about data carving and repairing for human body.