Sistema AutoScan-T42 3D

AutoScan-T42 automated 3D system is a new upgrade for intelligent automatic inspection. It is specially designed for automated quality control in shop-floor conditions, facilitating enterprises to achieve the optimum matching between cost and efficiency.

AutoScan-T42 conducts non-destructive scanning without attaching markers. Its seamless connection with production line greatly contributes to the reduction the workload. The military-grade manufacturing quality presents strong anti-interference and high adaptation to complex and harsh workshop environment. It can be extensively used in national defense, energy, 5G, mold manufacturing, etc., users can easily operate the system owing to one-click start, offline programming, and compatibility with 3D software.

Sistema AutoScan-T42 3D 1

Work Seamlessly with Production Line

Based on automatic optical tracking and seamlessly integrated into production line, it is designed for online batch inspection and enhances iterative efficiency of the production process greatly.

Multiple Configurations

Conjunction with handheld 3D scanner, portable CMM, MSCAN photogrammetry system, rotary platforms, and guide rails, realize simultaneous optical tracking and scanning and personalized solutions.

Speed up Precise Inspection

With adoptions of blue laser and synchronous tracking technologies, it reaches up to 1,900,000 measurements/s and accuracy of 0.025 mm. Efficient and flexible automated manufacturing can be achieved without being affected by external factors.

Military-grade Quality

Being insusceptible to temperature, vibration, dust, etc., the military-grade design presents superior adaptability in harsh industrial environment.


Simple Operation

Due to One-click start, offline programming and automaticallly generating inspection, it enbales simple operation for users, regardless of their experience, to easily finish the measurement.

Ready To Get Started?

Rebuild our 3D world with the most advanced 3D scanning system available.

Tech Specs

Type AutoScan-T42
Scan mode Ultra-fast scanning 17 blue laser crosses
Hyperfine mode B 7 blue parallel laser lines
Deep hole scanning 1 extra blue laser line
Laser lines in total 42
Accuracy Up to 0.025 mm
Measurement rate Up to 1,900,000 measurements/s
Scanning area Up to 310 mm × 350 mm
Laser class CLASS Ⅱ (eye-safe)
Resolution 0.020 mm
Volumetric accuracy 10.4 m³ 0.064 mm
18.0 m³ 0.078 mm
Volumetric accuracy
(With MSCAN-L15 photogrammetry system)
0.044 mm + 0.015 mm/m
Part size range (recommended) 200 ~ 6000 mm
Stand-off distance 300 mm
Depth of field 400 mm
Output formats .stl, .ply, .obj, .igs, wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc or customized
Operating temperature range -10℃ – 40℃
Interface mode USB 3.0
Patents CN204329903U, CN104501740B, CN104165600B, CN204988183U, CN204854633U, CN204944431U, CN204902788U, CN105068384B, CN105049664B, CN204902784U, CN204963812U, CN204902785U, CN204902790U, CN106403845B, CN209197685U, CN209263911U, CN106500627B, CN106500628B, CN206132003U, CN211121096U, US10309770B2, KR102096806B1, EP3392831A4

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3D Model

Impeller with Helix Structure

Engine Cylinder Block





Durante a fabricação da aeronave, a inspeção 3D é altamente aplicada ao desenvolvimento, projeto, fabricação, montagem, teste e MRO (manutenção, reparo e operação), o que traz eficiência sem precedentes a cada procedimento.

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A ScanTech acumulou uma rica experiência na indústria de fabricação automotiva nestes anos. Nós oferecemos soluções 3D com grau de metrologia profissional para fabricantes de automóveis e todos os aspectos da fabricação automotiva.

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A tecnologia de medição ScanTech 3D realmente entrega uma inspeção não-destrutiva.

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A ScanTech cumpre um papel cada vez mais importante no campo da fabricação de moldes devido as suas tecnologias avançadas de soluções 3D.

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Cuidados de saúde

Cuidados de saúde

A tecnologia de digitalização 3D é utilizada de forma ampla pala indústria cosmética

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A energia é um pilar para a indústria nacional e da construção da defesa nacional. O projeto e a qualidade do produto determinam diretamente a eficiência da conversão de energia


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Antiguidades e esculturas

Antiguidades e esculturas

A digitalização 3D é cada vez mais utilizada para proteção e restauração de relíquias culturais, construção de museus digitais e projetos feitos a mão.

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Antiguidades e esculturas