Apr 24, 2019

ScanTech new product spring launch conference was held at CIMT (China International Machine Tool Show) on April 17, 2019. Many industry experts, partners, and press media participated in this event on that day.

ScanTech officially released the KSCAN 3D scanner with two global initiative technologies: a built-in photogrammetry system and a dual laser scan mode.

KSCAN 3d scanner

With the development of 3D technologies, 3D scanners have a rapid evolution in working efficiency and portability.

3D Scanner Development History

How Does the KSCAN 3D scanner come out?

Handheld 3D scanners and structured light 3D scanners are widely applied to industrial 3D measurement. However, handheld 3D scanners can’t scan small objects with high resolution, while the structural light 3D scanner is difficult to effectively scan large workpieces.

At present, no portable 3D scanner is able to simultaneously realize the following points:

● Scanning large-scale with high volumetric accuracy (0.035mm/m) just by one machine
● Scanning very small things with high resolution (0.01mm)
● Support contact measurement in certain conditions

ScanTech always focuses on researching and developing handheld 3D scanners since 2011. Based on various onsite demonstrations and customers’ feedback, we have an insight into the demands of 3D measurement in numerous applications.

ScanTech experts went through the whole two years to transform the product’s concept into an unprecedented KSCAN 3D scanner. It sets a new trend for handheld 3D scanners.

Besides, this new generation 3D scanner fully meets the requirements of industrial measurement with a turnkey solution. Therefore, the KSCAN 3D scanner was definitely born for metrology-grade measuring.

metrology 3d scanner

KSCAN 3D scanner forms its extraordinary strengths by merging all the functions of non-contact measurement:

● Upgraded performance in accuracy, measurement rate, scan area, depth of field, hardware, assistant parts, user experience, etc.

● Innovative functions in probing and edge detection. Get over with the demerits of traditional 3D scanners for measuring datum hole, hidden point, features, sheet metal, and hole & edge detection of sheet metal.

● Multi-functional 3D software: ScanViewer supports different inspection functions such as pipe measurement, deformation detection and GD&T.

New handware3d scanner

5 Special Functions of KSCAN

#1 Volumetric accuracy up to 0.035 mm/m

Higher precision

The built-in photogrammetry system plays an obvious role in scanning large volumes by increasing by 70% of volumetric accuracy.

# 2 Incomparable resolution up to 10μm

Global initiative dual laser scan mode

higher precision 3d scanner

KSCAN global initiative dual laser scan mode can quickly switch to reach different measurement rates and accuracy. KSCAN is as flexible and effective as a handheld 3D scanner, and it also keeps the high precision of a structured light 3D scanner.

Dual Laser Scan Mode

3d scan resolution

# 3 Measurement Efficiency Extremely Enhanced

Efficient scanning process

Efficient scanning process

# 4 Probing

Portable CMM

probing measurement

KSCAN supports probing to provide reliable 3D solutions for measuring datum holes, hidden points, features, ready detection, etc.

# 5 Intelligent Edge Detection

Fast acquire 3D data of hole and edge

Intelligent Edge Detection

KSCAN gets 3D data of holes and edges more accurately due to its advanced algorithm.

Benefitting from red and blue laser scan mode, the KSCAN 3D scanner surpasses other handheld 3D laser scanners in capturing details. And the built-in photogrammetry system greatly expands the scan area and improves volumetric accuracy.

KSCAN redefines what portable 3D scanners are with its two global initiative technologies. It increases volumetric accuracy from 0.06 mm/m to 0.035 mm/m just by one machine and offers full-size solutions for objects from 0.02m to 10m.

ScanTech always unswervingly complies with customer-oriented and puts forward many comprehensive 3D measurement solutions through professional technologies and a self-innovation spirit.

In the future, ScanTech will be consistently contributed to the R&D of 3D digital technologies so as to keep the world-leading 3D measurement solutions for manufacturers.

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