3D Scanning Cases

3D Scanning Cases

KSCAN Helps Chile Hydropower Turbine Digital Update Design

Hydropower is a very important energy industry and also an important application industry for 3D digital technology. In this issue, we will share a turbine reverse transformation case from the Chilean company GEOCOM, our overseas agent partner, and see how the KSCAN composite 3D scanner meets the needs of the renewal design of power generation turbines.

Application of SCANTECH in Interference Analysis of 5G Base Station PCB Board

The development of 5G is inseparable from the construction of large-scale data centers and servers, and the development of servers depends upon PCB.

Application of KSCAN-MAGIC 3D Scanner in Railway Bridge Inspection

As an important part of structural engineering for rail, the quality of railway prefabricated bridge elements is directly related to the construction quality and rate of progress of railway bridges.

Application of KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner in the Shoe Mold Industry

KSCAN-Magic composite 3D scanner provides customers with a set of 3D digital solution that is more suitable for scanning and inspection of complex shoe molds.

Science and Technology Winter Olympics / Scantech Customize Ski Helmet Gear

Scantech is honored to participate in the Chinese National Winter Olympics equipment preparation project and thank the State General Administration of Sport Recognition.

SCANTECH iReal 3D Human Body Scanning Application

When we were young, we always yearned for all kinds of gifts: a football, a doll, and a long-cherished book. Whenever we get such a gift, we can be happy for a long time.

3D Inspection of New Energy Automobile

Recently, the automobile is a hot topic. With Lei Jun invested RMB 10 billion CNY to make cars, Didi launched a car-making project, and LG set foot in the automobile industry, it seems that ICT companies will fall behind if they don’t venture into the automobile industry.

How to inspect large-volume parts?

Inspecting large-volume parts have long been a challenging task. The wide application of portable 3D laser scanners provides a new solution to quality control of parts of this kind.

Casting Inspection 3D Solution

The involvement of 3D measurement technology can help with the construction of mold, inspection of work blank as well as other machining processes, shortening the processing time and improving efficiency.

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