3D Scanning Cases

3D Scanning Cases

How Does 3D Scanning Revolutionize Automobile Manufacturing

Gasoline engine cylinder is relatively complicated in structure, the gap between the blades is narrow and deep. 3D inspection of a gasoline engine cylinder is beneficial for manufacturers to better carry out quality control.

Accelerate Reverse Engineering of Pump Impeller Design

3D scanning technology optimizes product development and 3D inspection workflows for manufacturing companies. By using 3D scanner, the complete 3D data and realistic 3D model of the pump impeller are easily obtained.

How 3D Scanning Optimizes the Design Process of Truck Grille

As an efficient and convenient measurement tool, handheld 3D scanners overcome the shortcomings of the traditional measuring device. How does laser scanning technology satisfy manufacturers’ needs?

When 3D Scanning Meets Precision Casting

Compared with the original 3D model, casting usually has obvious deviations. The customer also needs to know the specified geometric tolerances.

3D Mold Scanning — A Revolution for Machinery Manufacturing

By using HSCAN handheld 3D laser scanner, the ultra-high details of exhaust pipe mold are easily captured in a very short time.

Detail Capturing of Precision Parts by PRINCE 3D Scanner

The motor part are very small in size, we can attach markers around the object, and then use PRINCE 3D scanner to scan the shape within 2 minutes.

Fake or Real? 3D Scanning of Cultural Relics

The identification and inspection of cultural relics have a big breakthrough due to advanced technology. 3D scanning technology contributes a lot to helping professionals distinguish genuine and fake cultural relics.

Product Design of Automobile Interiors by 3D Scanner

With the development of technology, 3D scanners turn out to be a great problem solver in automobile manufacturing. 3D scanner streamlines workflow, avoids manual errors and helps auto parts manufacturers expand market presence.

Cultural Heritage Protection by 3D Technologies

Heritage conservation has become an extremely urgent task. People used to protect cultural relics by manual works combing photographing and rubbing techniques.

Quick 3D Inspection on Large Wind Turbine Blade

3D reconstruction of the blades carries a big weight in researching numerical simulation and FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

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