3D Scanning Cases

3D Scanning Cases

What A 3D Body Scanner Can Do?

3D body scanner is designed to capture your full body in 3D. The outcome is a 3D model of your body shape with precise 3D data, like body measurements and posture analysis.

Auto Parts Inspection: More Effective than Ever

For automobile manufacturing, the inevitable thing is to reduce the cost (like labors, time, money) and improve the overall efficiency while ensuring the quality.

How Is 3D Scanning Used to MRO of Airbus A350

Airline companies are under increased pressure to conduct thorough-paced 3D inspection promptly to avoid accidents. MRO is an indispensable requirement to guarantee the aircraft is maintained in pre-determined conditions of airworthiness for safe transportation.

Efficiency-improved 3D Scanning for Automotive Exhaust Systems

The exhaust system is comprised of piping that is used to guide exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside the engine. Upgrading the exhaust system is momentous to improve your vehicle’s engine flow.

Speed up Reverse Engineering of Impeller by 3D Scanner

Impeller is usually designed with narrow gaps, which forms obstacles to conduct 3D measurement from different angles and capture complete 3D data.

Large Automotive Mold Measuring Only by One 3D Scanner?

Automakers have difficulty in inspection of large automotive molds. How does 3D scanning help automakers stand out in the highly competitive automotive manufacturing market?

Safety Matters: 3D Inspection of Snowplow’s Parts

Snowplow consists of frame, chopping, shoveling and crushing parts. The design principle is to achieve high efficiency, low cost, and multi-function. Therefore, the quality control of snowplow parts has become increasingly important.

What Will Happen If Woodcarving Encounters 3D Scanner?

With the popularization of 3D engraving equipment in the woodcarving industry, an effective and simple 3D modeling method carries a big weight. 3D scanning technology is a brand new way due to its high accuracy and efficiency.

3D Scanning + 5G + AR/VR Shape Digital Education in New Energy Vehicles Field

Technologies like 3D scanning, 5G, AR/VR, provide achievable support for the development of 3D teaching materials. 3D scanning application has already been a global phenomenon in different fields due to its high accuracy and efficiency.

How Does 3D Scanning Revolutionize Automobile Manufacturing

Gasoline engine cylinder is relatively complicated in structure, the gap between the blades is narrow and deep. 3D inspection of a gasoline engine cylinder is beneficial for manufacturers to better carry out quality control.

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