TrackScan Sticker-Free 3D System, Top precision tracking 3D measurement technology

TrackScan Sticker-Free 3D System, Top precision tracking 3D measurement technology

3D scanning change the world

TrackScan 3D scanner joint developed by Scantech & Metronor will debut in Stuttgart, Germany in May ,2017. TrackScan has gained great overseas attention and make cooperation with Boeing because of unique features such as Sticker-free, support probing, active tracking and wide measurement range. During the exhibition, TrackScan is in contact with customers at zero distance, so that customers can experience the efficiency of the measurement method without sticker.

Metronor was founded in 1989, headquarter based on Norway, is one of global top optical 3D measurement high-tech enterprise with rich 3D measurement experience and large customers base.

Large volume 3D measurement has long been sore point for large, heavy manufacturing. Nowadays 3D measurement solution is unable to carry out true efficiency, speed, accuracy. There is reflective marker needed while scanning by handheld 3D scanner, it is very troublesome when placing or displacing reflective marker for large volume scanning. So large manufacturing enterprise is in urgent need one of 3D measurement solution without stickers. However, current technology without stickers is still not mature, such as measurement range, accuracy, price and so on, which make it difficult to popularize in industry. TrackScan came into being as Scantech was well aware of the obstacles to 3D measurement in manufacturing.

TrackScan track technology system combine Metronor global top photogrammetry technology and Scantech laser 3D scanning technology, including scanning and probing measurement. TrackScan system is composed of navigation camera,3D scanner, light pen and laptop, TrackScan system offers upgrade paths, for example: TrackScan-SOLO to TrackScan-DUO, TRACKPROBE to larger-volume probe.

Why TrackScan is best choice for large volume measurement

Benefiting from Metronor new upgraded optical track technology, TrackScan system make disruptive improvement in measurement range, quality, way.

New upgraded optical track technology

TrackScan Sticker-Free 3D System, Top precision tracking 3D measurement technology 1

TrackScan led optical track technology compared to traditional reflective marker track technology, greatly improve accuracy, measurement range and stability from principle and algorithm. Traditional reflective marker technology is emitted light from navigation camera diod, then scanner reflect light to camera then camera navigate. Obviously, emitted light track technology is restricted for accuracy, measurement range, environment light.

TrackScan system is scanner initiative lighting, camera tracking location timely, which determine TrackScan with higher accuracy, larger measurement range, higher anti-interference. Furthermore, M-tracker effective pixels is 640000*512000,60,000 times more than the average 5-mega, pixel camera, it means that the TrackScan system ensures absolute advantage in measuring accuracy.

TrackScan Feature

To truly realize high accuracy 3D measurement for large volume, the advantage of TrackScan 3D scanner as following:
▌No sticker
-Metronor LED initiative tracking
-initiative location

▌large measurement range
-work distance is up to 10m by scanning measurement as well as 15m by
-easy to perform large volume 3D measurement

-volumetric accuracy is up to 0.03mm
-volumetric accuracy is 0.04mm for 2.5m size object
-volumetric accuracy is 0.12mm for 10m size object

▌ Support contact measurement
-ensure the high accuracy 3D data for key parts.
-light pen support hardware upgrade
-benefits deep probing

▌Flexible solution
-support multiple optical tracking device
-adjust scan area at request
-perfect balance scan area and accuracy

DMP show

TrackScan Sticker-Free 3D System, Top precision tracking 3D measurement technology 1

TrackScan system with unique technology advantage win substantial attention and recognition in DMP show,
TrackScan system meet large volume 3d measurement requirement, is an unprecedented set of measuring instruments for manufacturing, widely applied to automobile, aerospace, power generation equipment and engineering machinery and other large, heavy manufacturing. TrackScan not only save lots of manpower and material resources, but also greatly improve the production efficiency ,provide strong technical support for industrial upgrading

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