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TrackScan-Sharp 광학 3D 측정 시스템

TrackScan-Sharp는 최대 6m의 추적 거리, 49m³의 체적 범위 및 최대 0.049mm(10.4m³)의 체적 정확도로 광학 계측을 완전히 새로운 수준으로 끌어 올립니다.

AM-CELL 광학 자동 3D 측정 시스템

AM-CELL C200은 중간 크기의 부품을 측정하도록 설계된 올인원 광학 자동 3D 측정 시스템으로 측정을 한 단계 더 끌어올립니다.

TrackScan-P 3D System Brochure

TrackScan-P series 3D system delivers 2,600,000 measurements/s and reaches accuracy of 0.025 mm. This 3D system is ideal for medium to large-sized workpieces without attaching markers.

M-Track Intelligent Robotic Path Planning and Guiding System Brochure

Scantech’s M-Track is intelligent path planning and a guiding system consisting of a 3D tracking system, a tool simulator, and path planning software.

Scantech Glopho Photogrammetry Software Brochure SCANTECH

When combined with Scantech’s 3D measurement systems, photogrammetry software Glopho allows users to conduct accurate coordinate measuring for medium-to-large-scale parts.

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