iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner Technical Proposal

iReal 2E is characterized by super HD texture capturing capacity, intelligent alignment modes, etc. This color 3D scanner maximizes performances in texture reproduction, detail capturing and accuracy.

iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner Brochure

Real 2E is a portable color 3D scanner that adopts blue LED light technology with ultra-high precision scanning.

TrackScan 3D System – Preicise 3D Scanning without Markers

The optical tracking technology allows high accuracy 3D scanning solution without markers, delivering easy-operation, time-effective and labor-saving.

TrackScan 3D System Brochure

TrackScan 3D System delivers high-precision 3D solution without markers. In combination with 3D laser scanning technology and flexible probing function, it offers rapid and accurate data collection of overall size and key features.

iReal 2S Color 3D Scanner Brochure

iReal 2S features in super HD texture capturing capacity, wide scan area, fast scanning speed, intelligent alignment, fully automatic post-processing algorithm.

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