Photogrammetry vs Laser Scanning: Choosing the Best 3D Modeling Technique for Your 3D Project

Gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of photogrammetry and laser scanning in 3D applications. Discover which technology is best suited for your project.

13 Jun, 2024

All About the STL Format

Currently, desktop 3D printers primarily recognize 3D model files in the STL format.

12 Jun, 2024

Handheld 3D Scanner SIMSCAN for Inspection of Mechanical Parts

Through the introduction of Scantech’s SIMSCAN, a cutting-edge handheld 3D scanner, the Tool Machining department of Ennovi has experienced a remarkable transformation in their measurement and inspection processes with higher efficiency and simplicity.

07 Jun, 2024

3D Scanning Solution for Innovative Maintenance and Repair of Hydropower Parts

Advanced 3D scanning technology is transforming the hydropower industry by creating digital twins of newly manufactured parts to detect deviations. Additionally, it plays a vital role in the maintenance and repair of these facilities. Learn more about how TrackScan-P and 3D software are enhancing hydro maintenance.

22 May, 2024

Enhancing Quality Control of Hydroturbine Runner with Scantech’s 3D Scanning Solution

A prominent energy sector supplier used Scantech’s 3D laser scanner to conduct detailed inspections of a substantial hydroturbine runner. The supplier gained significant advantages from the KSCAN-Magic’s capabilities for large area scanning, coupled with its precision and efficiency.

17 May, 2024

Preserving the Sacred: 3D Scanning and Replicating the Sculpture of Sainte Anne d’Auray

Using Scantech’s 3D solutions, heritage conservators meticulously digitized and reproduced the sculpture of Sainte Anne d’Auray, contributing to preserving cultural heritage.

09 May, 2024

3D Scanning VS. 3D Printing, The Difference

Discover the key dissimilarities between 3D scanning VS. 3D printing technologies. Get insights from Scantech, experts in the field.

06 May, 2024

How accurate are 3D scanners? Is it worth Investment?

In the digital era, understanding the accuracy of 3D scanners has become increasingly complex. While specifications can often be overwhelming, the crucial question is whether the scanner can address your needs. Therefore, a deeper understanding is necessary when selecting a scanner that suits your purpose and environment. The accuracy of 3D scanners is not a … Continue reading How accurate are 3D scanners? Is it worth Investment?

04 May, 2024

All you need to know about 3D scanners

The advent of 3D scanners has significantly transformed the methods in which we gather structural information, thereby streamlining replication processes.

15 Apr, 2024

Automotive 3D Scanning with SCANTECH: From Classroom to Industry

SCANTECH’s automotive 3D scanning technology revolutionizes the approach to automotive design, seamlessly integrating educational insights with industrial application, enhancing workflows from the classroom to the production line.

03 Apr, 2024

3D Scanning Boosts Anode Yoke Inspection in Aluminum Production

In the demanding electrolytic aluminum industry, where operational efficiency is crucial, this article showcases how SCANTECH SIMSCAN 3D scanning technology revolutionizes anode yoke inspection in the electrolytic aluminum industry, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

01 Apr, 2024

3D Scanning in Education: IUH Uses TrackScan-Sharp 49 for Reverse Engineering a Car Frame

The IUH enhances its educational and research endeavors through Scantech’s 3D solution. Using optical 3D measurement system, TrackScan-Sharp 49, the operators successfully reverse-engineered a car frame, transitioning from scan data to a detailed CAD model.

22 Mar, 2024

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Photogrammetry vs Laser Scanning: Choosing the Best 3D Modeling Technique for Your 3D Project


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