3D Scanning Improves the Inspection and Maintenance of Race Cars

Handheld 3D scanner helped a race team to inspect and maintain race car components to ensure its optimal performance.

17 May, 2023

How 3D Scanning Can Enhance Boat Design and Engineering?

How to optimize your product development of boats? High-precision 3D scanner can be applied throughout the product development process to enhance design and engineering.

06 Apr, 2023

What 3D Scanning Can Do for Reverse Engineering

The techniques for revere engineering have evolved from manual measurements to 3D scanning, which provides a variety of possibilities.

24 Mar, 2023

Full-field 3D Scanning of Large-Volume Casting to Identify Allowance for Machining

This case explains how to capture full-field data of a large-scale casting and identify its allowance for further machining with non-contact 3D laser scanning.

10 Mar, 2023

Inspection of Stamping Part and 3D Laser Scanning

The article helps you to gain a basic understanding of automotive stamping part inspection and how CMM, inspection gauge, and 3D scanner performs in inspection.

01 Mar, 2023

Full-field Inspection of a Flange of an Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

Technicians from a wind power equipment manufacturing company measured and inspected a large-scale flange. The flange of an offshore wind power foundation was measured with Scantech’s portable 3D laser scanner KSCAN-Magic and photogrammetry system MSCAN-L15.

03 Feb, 2023

3D Scanning Enables Safe and Efficient NDT Inspection for Gas Pipelines

With a portable 3D scanner and a smart module, Scantech offered NDT solution for inspecting corrosion, mechanical damages, and cracks of gas pipelines.

12 Jan, 2023

High-precision Color 3D Modeling Solutions, Which is the Most Suitable One for You?

When it comes to 3D color modeling, what is the right solution for you? For high-precision and true color 3D modeling, Scantech provides a professional full set of solution.

26 Dec, 2022

3D Inspection for an Automotive Instrument Panel

The project is to scan and inspect an auto instrument panel before and after the heating and cooling to check its changes. The customer used Scantech’s handheld 3D scanner SIMSCAN for NDT inspection.

22 Dec, 2022

Guide: How to Measure “Gear and Worm” with 3D Scanning

Manufacturers need to inspect the worm and gear produced to ensure their quality meet a certain set of criteria and take corrective methods to improve the product.

15 Dec, 2022

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3D Scanning Improves the Inspection and Maintenance of Race Cars


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