How to Choose a 3D Handheld Scanner?

How can you choose a 3D handheld scanner to meet your needs? Here we share some tips to shed some light.

5 Benefits You Need to Know about Automatic Inspection

If you’re producing precision components in a large volume, quality drives the entire manufacturing process. One of the ways to ensure the quality of products is automatic inspection. This technologically updated approach helps to overcome the problems associated with traditional inspection methods.

How to Scan Dark or Reflective Parts

Dark and/or reflective parts such as boss wheels and graphite electrodes are very common among the machinery industry, but these parts present a real challenge for 3D scanning.

How to inspect and maintain a large-scale planet carrier gear?

In this application story, we will show how to inspect and maintain a large-scale planet carrier gear of a wind turbine with a handheld 3D scanner.

How can a 3D scanner help to make prosthetic flippers for a seagull?

Have you ever seen a handicapped dog, dragging his body to get around? Have you ever thought about giving these injured animals prosthetic limbs just, like we do to human beings?

Application Story | Speed up Initial Sampling Inspection

The article mainly talks about an engine manufacturer looking for a cost-effective way to inspect its initial sampling pipe for engines.

Application Story|SCANTECH helps to inspect the chassis of excavators

A leading construction equipment manufacturer in China has recently completed a rapid inspection of mounting holes of excavator chassis by using SCANTECH’s tracking 3D scanning system: TrackScan-P42.

KSCAN Helps Chile Hydropower Turbine Digital Update Design

Hydropower is a very important energy industry and also an important application industry for 3D digital technology. In this issue, we will share a turbine reverse transformation case from the Chilean company GEOCOM, our overseas agent partner, and see how the KSCAN composite 3D scanner meets the needs of the renewal design of power generation turbines.

Application of SCANTECH in Interference Analysis of 5G Base Station PCB Board

The development of 5G is inseparable from the construction of large-scale data centers and servers, and the development of servers depends upon PCB.

Application of KSCAN-MAGIC 3D Scanner in Railway Bridge Inspection

As an important part of structural engineering for rail, the quality of railway prefabricated bridge elements is directly related to the construction quality and rate of progress of railway bridges.