Portable 3D System

Scantech Professional 3D Scanners and 3D System

Scantech 3D scanners are non-contact metrology systems that utilize laser or structured light-based scanning technology. Integrating optical scanners with CMM is the preferred 3D metrology solution to drive your business to great success. Scantech supplies professional handheld 3D scanner and automated 3D inspection system in all product manufacturing and production phases.

These innovative professional 3D laser scanners increase your productivity and optimize your product life cycle management without the need to compromise between accuracy and efficiency.

Due to the ability of our 3d scanner to measure tough-to-reach and complex geometrical features with precision and reliability, Scantech 3D scanning technology has been widely adopted in various industries. Engineers, product designers, and researchers use 3D scanners for automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery and 3D printing.

Composite 3D Scanner

Ultra-high precision metrology-grade 3D scanner

The first portable 3D scanner that combines infrared and blue lasers, offering five standard working modes.

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Handheld 3D Scanner

Designed for 3D scanning narrow spaces

Handheld 3D laser scanner can be used to accomplish on-site tasks in places such as narrow spaces or unstable environments.

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Global 3D Scanner

Accuracy booster for large-scale project

AXE series 3D laser canners have a built-in photogrammetry system to provide metrology-grade 3D solutions without the help of extra devices.

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Tracking 3D Scanner

Metrology-grade 3D scanning without markers

TrackScan series 3D laser scanners enable unprecedented accuracy, simplicity, portability, speed and efficiency for 3D inspections.

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Automated 3D System

Designed for automated quality control application

Scantech automated 3D solution are manufacturing companies who want to increase their productivity.

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Color 3D Scanner

Realistic texture capturing especially for human body

Without attaching markers, a quick texture capturing and geometry acquisition can be achieved.

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Photogrammetry System

Designed for large-scale metrology projects

Scantech MSCAN series perform volumetric accuracy for large-scale projects and parts from 2 m to 10 m.

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New Superpower for Wireless 3D Scanning

Smart wireless communication link, specially designed for mobile 3D scanning in areas with no power supply.

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An easy way to get to know our full-range of 3D scanners

Explore the difference between 3D laser and structured-light scanners and core factors, such as accuracy, resolution, and scanning rate when choosing 3D scanners.



Along with manufacturing handheld 3D scanners, Scantech develops 3d scanning software, ScanViewer, with comprehensive functions. Designed to meet the needs of both beignner and experienced users alike, it is the best choice for any application.
Integrated Scan & Inspection 3D Software
ScanViewer powers the entire fleet of 3D scanning and measurement technologies. The 3D data processed by ScanViewer can be imported to 3D design software for furture use.

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Need help choosing the right 3D scanner?

Our 3d scanning experts will give you all the info you need for choosing the right 3D scanner for your workflow.

Powerful 3D scanning solutions for your industry

Scantech's line-up of fast and powerful scanning solutions take your workflow to an unbeatable level, be it reverse engineering a plane, or inspecting a complicated part. When it comes to ultra-precise 3D measurement, Scantech 3D scanners are your first choice.

Reverse Engineering

Using a 3D scanner that will capture the complex geometric characteristics of a given part is a great way to develop a CAD file when one is not available. Scantech 3D scanners help reverse engineering a physical product.

3D Printing

With the continuous improvement of the machinery manufacturing level, the requirements for quality control of parts and components are of the utmost importance. Scantech 3D scanners provide an accurate 3D inspection.

3D Inspection

With the continuous improvement of the machinery manufacturing level, the requirements for quality control of parts and components are of the utmost importance. Scantech 3D scanners provide an accurate 3D inspection.

3D Visualization

3D visualization refers to the process where graphical content is created using 3D software. Scantech 3D scanners help objects into digitization.

Product Development

Product development is a process starting from concept inception, to design, development, and commercialization. Scantech 3D scanners can help obtain 3D data of the products quickly and accurately.

Automated 3D Measurement

Companies are further optimizing their manufacturing and production processes by advancing to automation. Scantech automated 3D system provide high quality and turn-key automated solutions that are engineered for a seamless integration.

3D Model


Machinery Manufacturing