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TrackScan-P542 Optical 3D Measurement System

Engineered with intelligent optical tracking measurement and high-resolution cameras, TrackScan-P can precisely measure parts without having to stick reference targets. This optical 3D measurement system, consisting of a portable 3D scanner and an optical tracker E-Track, suits well for 3D scanning large-scale objects.

TrackScan-P550 Optical 3D Measurement System

By combining it with additional modules, it can enable extendable applications. It can be paired with an auxiliary light module to inspect circles, grooves, and machined holes of stamping parts. With a portable T-Probe, it conducts precise contact measurements for edges, circles, and grooves.


The past seven years have witnessed the growth of Scantech from a small team into an industry-leading company in metrology 3D measurement.

A Beginners’ Guide to 3D Scanners

This e-book will explain the primary concepts of 3D scanners to ensure that you have all the necessary information.

AirGO Power Brochure

PC Terminator, Beyond the Wireless
AirGO Power, an intelligent and wireless module, is designed to enable mobile and cable-free 3D scanning.

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