3D Solution

3D Solution

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is used for hardware analysis in the commercial and military fields. The main purpose is to analyze the design principles directly from the finished product when we can’t easily...

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Quality Control

With the continuous improvement of the machinery manufacturing level, the requirements for quality inspection of parts and components have also become more strict than before.

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Numerical Simulation

Numerical simulation is a computer research method that runs calculations based on a specific mathematical model to simulate actual physical processes.

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3D Visualization

3D visualization displays real-world objects in 3D digitized form, allowing physical objects to be truly appeared on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Product Development

ScanTech delivers efficient and accurate handheld 3D scanners to help product development engineers quickly get 3D data of the products and parts.

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3D Printing

3D scanner streamlines the complicated 3D reconstruction process, turning the object into the 3D digital model and print it by 3D printing technology

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Automated 3D Measurement

Automated 3D measurement technology enables real-time detection and feedback for better guiding production and avoids unnecessary waste

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Jul 09, 2020

SCANTECH 2020 Global Launch Event

On July 6, 2020, ScanTech held a global new product launch event, unveiling new products and pres...

Jun 19, 2020

The KSCAN-Magic Series 3D Scanner Rel...

KSCAN-Magic composite 3D scanners open up the first introduction of infrared laser + blue laser t...

Jun 16, 2020

ScanTech Releases the New 3D Tracking...

The updated 3D tracking scanner TrackScan-P42 3D system adopts intelligent optical tracking measu...


Apr 30, 2020

What A 3D Body Scanner Can Do?

3D body scanner is designed to capture your full body in 3D. The outcome is a 3D model of your body shape with precise 3D data, like body measurements and posture analysis.

Apr 29, 2020

Auto Parts Inspection: More Effective than Ever

For automobile manufacturing, the inevitable thing is to reduce the cost (like labors, time, money) and improve the overall efficiency while ensuring the quality.

Apr 18, 2020

How Is 3D Scanning Used to MRO of Airbus A350

Airline companies are under increased pressure to conduct thorough-paced 3D inspection promptly to avoid accidents. MRO is an indispensable requirement to guarantee the aircraft is maintained in pre-determined conditions of airworthiness for safe transportation.