3D Solution

3D Solution

Reverse Engineering

Create fully surfaced CAD models of design concepts or replacement parts with 3D measurement solutions 

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Quality Control

Quickly identify deviations from nominal CAD data with 3D metrology solutions

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Numerical Simulation

ScanTech can provide reliable and precise 3D data for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to solve complex manufacturing problems.

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3D Visualization

Remodel for object and display on line with 3D form used for VR,AR and so on.

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Product Development

ScanTech provides precise 3d data for product development from conceptual design, structural design, assemble, quality control to production.

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3D Printing

Turn the object into 3D digital model and print by 3d printer.

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Automated Measurement

ScanTech delivers real-time inspection, real-time feedback to well conduct production, make the manufacture more intelligent and effective.

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5月 08, 2019

Share Innovative 3D Measurement at Co...

The 33rd Control is taking place on May 7 ~ 10 at Messe Stuttgart, and ScanTech also participates...

4月 24, 2019


KSCAN redefines what the portable 3D scanners are with its two global initiative technologies.

3月 21, 2019

ScanTech New Product Global Spring Re...

ScanTech New Product Global Launch Release Conference 2019---KSCAN Composite 3D Scanner


6月 13, 2019

3D Inspection – Efficiently Control the Quality of Sheet Metal Stamping

When using precise moulds, it can reach extreme accuracy in micron level, high single point repeatability and uniform specifications.

6月 06, 2019

Detail Scanning on Die Casting with 10μm Resolution

KSCAN guarantees an efficient and accurate scanning so that the manufacturer gets the precise 3D data of aluminum die-casting in a very short time.

5月 30, 2019

Being an Animal Protector by 3D Technologies

We have to take some actions timely. Zoologists decide to have an operation on this hornbill via replacing a new beak made by 3D printing.