High precision 3d scanning improves efficiency of mold inspection.

High precision 3d scanning improves efficiency of mold inspection.

ScanTech plays an increasingly important role in the field of mold manufacturing because of the continuously improving 3D measurement technology. 3D scanners play an essential role in mold repair, inspection, design for their high accuracy, fast speed and high portability.

1. Mould repair

The mold volume-produce leads to the die wear and product error. 3D scanning is used to measure the mold regularly, Compared with the original CAD drawing of the mold, the concrete position and the specific deviation value can be easily obtained. 3d scanning can reduce mold repair time, and easily reduce the risk of mold production error.

2. Mould inspection

Quality assessment of mold is often required for the first inspection and quality control. 3D scanner can assist the mold manufacturer to perform rapid quality assessment in the mold forming stage. ScanViewer software provides accurate data support for deviation correction by comparing with original CAD.

3. Mould Design

The CAD model of Mold can be quickly generated by 3d scanning so that the secondary development and optimization of mold could be much more convenient. 3D scanning can reduce mold modification, shorten delivery time, and greatly improve efficiency of mold design

4. Mould database construction

The 3D data of mold could be stored in the database by 3D scanning. It can effectively manage the product data, process data, drawings and documents, and enable the 3D data of the mould to be shared and searched conveniently.

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