Smart Handheld 3D Scanner

Smart Handheld 3D Scanner

Portable 3D Scanning Solution with Handheld 3D Scanner

SCANTECH portable 3D scanning solution caters to the need for flexibility and high precision. Our portable 3D system has handheld 3D scanners with CMM, 3D software, ScanViewer to enable measurements. Besides, Scantech handheld 3D scanners can measure tough-to-reach and complex geometrical features with precision and reliability.

Scantech applications of 3D portable scanners are broadly categorized into dimensional measurements, inspection, and reverse engineering, quality control, 3D printing. SIMSCAN handheld 3D scanner finds opportunities in the measurement of complex structures by providing fast, flexible, and reliable performance as opposed to CMMs capability.

The 3D laser scanners have the capability to digitize the parts and run inspections on digital copies of samples. This optimizes metrology operations and integrates them into CAD-centric design-through manufacturing processes. The method proves to be extremely fast, provides deep insights, and enables flexibility and automation.

Our portable 3D scanners have been designed to accelerate the time-to-market with your product development workflows, all while helping you meet your quality control requirements in non-contact 3D measurement technology. Discover how our affordable handheld 3D scanners can help you gain a competitive edge, cut the time and costs associated with product development, and optimize production processes.

SIMSCAN Smart Handheld 3D Scanner

SIMSCAN Smart Handheld 3D Scanner

The only hand-sized 3D handheld scanner in the market so far which is reddot design award 2021 winner. SIMSCAN 3D portable scanner can be used in various areas including inspection, prototyping and 3D printing.

  • Capturing intricate details due to shorter distance of two camera
  • Better 3D Scanning in narrow space
  • Multiple scan modes

What is the best 3D scanner for your demands?

SCANTECH 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing non-contact measurement technology of the optical scanners coupled with precision measurement within product cycle times. Discover more Scantech 3D metrology solutions for you.

Scantech SIMSCAN portable 3D scanners offers a practical solution for handheld 3D scanning needs. Handheld scanners’ compact and portable design ensures convenience and flexibility during scanning tasks.

SIMSCAN portable laser scanner offers a range of capabilities that cater to industries requiring flexibility, high precision, and efficient measurement processes. You can take a closer look at the specifications of portable scanner provided below:

simscan 3d scannerSIMSCAN
Scanner Type Handheld, portable 3D Scanner


Accuracy Up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in)
Scanning rate up to 2,800,000 measurements/s
Scanning area up to 700 mm × 600 mm (27.6 in × 23.6 in)
Resolution up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in)

Cooperate with top-rate 3D scanner provider

Enable you to measure and scan everything

Scantech handheld laser scanner solution designed for unique needs of different industries

Find out how our handheld laser 3D scanner helps.

Scantech handheld laser scanner solution designed for  unique needs of different industries

Scantech 3D hand scanner are designed to offer certain advantages and capabilities compared to other types of 3D handheld scanners, especially in challenging environments such as strong ambient light conditions. Watch the video and see how handy 3d scanner generally perform in strong ambient light.

Scantech handheld laser scanner solution designed for  unique needs of different industries

In this video, Simscan smart portable 3D scanner is used to obtain 3D data of the Chinese J-15 aircraft and generate a CAD model. The combination of high accuracy and a fast scanning rate speaks to the capabilities of Scantech scanning technology.

Scantech handheld laser scanner solution designed for  unique needs of different industries

As the Body-in-White (BIW) manufacturing processes evolve towards embracing Quality 4.0 principles, there is a paradigm shift taking place in inspection methodologies. By integrating SCANTECH’s portable hand held 3d laser inspection solution into the Quality 4.0 framework, manufacturers can experience a multitude of benefits.

Smart Handheld 3D Scanner for Automotive and Mold



Handheld 3D scanners have gained significant traction in the automotive industry due to their versatility, ease of use, and ability to capture detailed and accurate three-dimensional data. These portable 3D scanners utilize advanced laser or structured light technology to rapidly scan objects and convert them into digital models, and the 3d scan data can be saved as e-documents for further use.

Customized Car Accessories

In the automotive industry, customers often seek personalized accessories or modifications for their vehicles. SCANTECH’s handheld laser scanners can capture precise measurements of the vehicle’s interior or exterior components. This data can then be used to design and manufacture customized accessories such as dashboard trims, steering wheel covers, or exterior decals.

Quality Control of Engine Components

Automotive manufacturers can use SCANTECH’s 3D hand scanners(3d mobile scanners) to inspect critical engine components for accuracy and defects, , including sided scanning capabilities. For example, the portable 3D scanner can measure the dimensions and tolerances of cylinder heads or engine blocks to ensure they meet stringent quality standards and perform optimally.

Rapid Prototyping of Concept Cars

When designing concept cars, rapid prototyping is essential. SCANTECH’s handheld 3D laser scanners can scan clay or foam models of concept cars to create accurate digital replicas. Designers can then use these digital models to refine their designs, make adjustments, and create physical prototypes that closely match the intended design.



In the mold industry, portable 3D scanners provide an efficient and effective means of capturing accurate mold data, enhancing design and manufacturing processes, and maintaining high standards of quality control. Handheld scanner enables mold designers, manufacturers, and engineers to quickly generate digital models, perform inspections, and support various stages of mold development and maintenance.

Mold Cavity Inspection

In mold manufacturing, ensuring the accuracy of mold cavities is crucial for producing consistent and high-quality parts. SCANTECH’s portable handheld 3d scanner can precisely measure mold cavities to verify their dimensions and detect any deviations from the intended design.

Injection Molded Part Verification

After injection molding, SCANTECH’s hand laser scanners can be used to inspect the final molded parts. By comparing the 3D scan data of the actual parts to the CAD model, manufacturers can quickly identify any discrepancies, such as warping or shrinkage, and take corrective measures.

Tool and Die Repair

When molds or dies require repair, SCANTECH’s handy scanner 3D scanning solution can aid in assessing the extent of damage. By comparing the scan data of the damaged tool with its original design, manufacturers can determine the necessary repairs and ensure that the tool is restored to its intended specifications.

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