Cultural Heritage Protection by 3D Technologies

Heritage conservation has become an extremely urgent task. People used to protect cultural relics by manual works combing photographing and rubbing techniques.

Quick 3D Inspection on Large Wind Turbine Blade

3D reconstruction of the blades carries a big weight in researching numerical simulation and FEA (Finite Element Analysis).

3D Inspection – Efficiently Control the Quality of Sheet Metal Stamping

When using precise moulds, it can reach extreme accuracy in micron level, high single point repeatability and uniform specifications.

Detail Scanning on Die Casting with 10μm Resolution

KSCAN guarantees an efficient and accurate scanning so that the manufacturer gets the precise 3D data of aluminum die-casting in a very short time.

Being an Animal Protector by 3D Technologies

We have to take some actions timely. Zoologists decide to have an operation on this hornbill via replacing a new beak made by 3D printing.

How to Quickly Perform 3D Inspection on Complex Mould?

Due to many differences between processing equipment and technologies, mould often fails to meet the required precision.

3D Scanning Makes Well-qualified Car Hood?

There are dead angles and complex areas during welding, which causes the caliper measurement fails to capture the details.

Scientific Research on 3D Scanning of Helicopter

It’s necessary for engineers to find an effective way to get acquire 3D data of it, which will give them more comprehensive understanding of helicopter R&D.

3D Scanning on Large TBM Cutting Head

TBM can be applied to coal mining roadway excavation, tunnel construction of railway, highway and water conservancy projects, etc.

6-Step Guide to 3D Measuring on Large Workpieces

Handheld 3D laser scanner is user-friendly if we need to measure large volumes, workings with photogrammetry system will realize a better effect.

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