3D Scanning Makes Well-qualified Car Hood?

There are dead angles and complex areas during welding, which causes the caliper measurement fails to capture the details.

Scientific Research on 3D Scanning of Helicopter

It’s necessary for engineers to find an effective way to get acquire 3D data of it, which will give them more comprehensive understanding of helicopter R&D.

3D Scanning on Large TBM Cutting Head

TBM can be applied to coal mining roadway excavation, tunnel construction of railway, highway and water conservancy projects, etc.

6-Step Guide to 3D Measuring on Large Workpieces

Handheld 3D laser scanner is user-friendly if we need to measure large volumes, workings with photogrammetry system will realize a better effect.

AXE 3D Scanner–10 Minutes to Scan Sheet Metal

Global initiative AXE 3D laser scanner overcomes the disadvantage of traditional measurement.,which is to place the sheet metal on the inspection tool.

3D Inspection on Automobile Wheel Cover Rebounding Deformation

Comparing with traditional measurement, ScanTech delivers a cost-effective way to scan the whole automobile wheel cover within 20 minutes.

3D Scanning— A Modern Way to Optimize Electronic Products

Product design is a significant competition strategy to avoid homogenization and realize differentiation. Therefore, the importance of product design is self-evident.

3D Scanning – Only 15 Minutes Finishing Die Casting Quality Control?

Quality of die casting plays an important role in mechanical products. To improve products’ quality, 3D inspection is a more convenient way compared with traditional CMM.

3D Scanning Overturns the Traditional Way to Home Stair Handrail Design

Traditional manual measurement will cause wrong size and waste construction materials. However, 3D measurement can obtain accurate data with fast speed and low cost.

3D Scanning on 27 m³ & 40t Wind Turbine Just by One Machine— AXE 3D Scanner: Born for Large Volume

The hub is an important component in wind turbine system, however it is very complicated in structure. Therefore, quality control in shape is significant.

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