AM-DESK 3D System

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AM-DESK Automated 3D Measurement Station

AM-DESK (AutoMeasure-DESK) is an automated 3D measurement station consisting of an intelligent control system, multiple servo-mechanists, a safety system, a motion control system, measurement and analysis software, and SPC batch analysis software. Thanks to its compact size and easy installation, the station can cater to different needs with great flexibility.

AM-DESK can be paired with different collaborative robots and Scantech’s entire fleet of 3D scanners to measure numerous parts automatically. It suits well for on-site inspections on shop floors, in labs, and under harsh conditions to ensure continuous 3D measurement with high precision.

In compliance with standards of CE certification, the station ensures operators’ safety with all-round methods. With versatile accessories, the station can achieve automated and uninterruptible 3D measurements for complex parts.

The station comes with powerful and easy-to-use 3D software FlexScan, which has a simple user interface to allow for smooth human-machine interaction. The software has multiple communication methods to support the functioning of various collaborative robots and enables automated measurement with multi-positioners in different scenarios.


Quick Installation Plug and Play

Diverse Accessories

Safety Guard

Easy Programming & Automated Calibration

One-button Start

Manual Operation Supported

Experience the Performance of Portable 3d Scanners

Whether you are in the lab, on the shop floor, or out in the field, you need to rely on portable, metrology-grade 3D scanners that pack a true punch in terms of ease of use, accuracy, resolution, reliability and fast data acquisition.

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Various Accessories to Choose from

The automated measuring station weighs 75 kg for a footprint of one square meter. This compact station can be set up in 5 minutes with 110-220V mains power. When mounted on a mobile cart, it can be moved for quick installation. Plus, it can work in unison with plug-and-play positioners to expand the workspace*. The station can change the measurement path instantly, which speeds up the measurements. It can also work with different cobots and Scantech’s entire fleet of 3D scanners.

* AM-DESK Lite does not support the connection to multiple positioners.

3D Scanner

3D Scanner

AM-DESK 3D System


AM-DESK 3D System


AM-DESK 3D System


AM-DESK 3D System
am-desk 3d workstation
am-desk 3d measurement
am-desk 3d automated system

Robust Performance

AM-DESK is the trusted 3D measurement station for various tasks whether in lab or on the shop floor. It enables fast and automated inspections for parts ranging from casting parts, plastic parts to stamping parts within 100 kilograms.

Once the measurements are completed, the station can generate inspection reports automatically by comparing actual 3D coordinates and CAD data, significantly enhancing efficiency.

Easy Programming and Automated Calibration

Engineered with PLC and servo-mechanists system, the station can achieve programmable and automated measurement when paired with multiple collaborative robots. At the click of a button, it can conduct complex measurement tasks per preset measuring paths. Engineers and operators with different levels of expertise and programming skills can operate it with ease.

When used in an unstable environment for high-intensity operations, instruments need to be calibrated to ensure high-precision measurement results. The station can fully and automatically calibrate* its sensor after a scanning session or when the temperature changes to ensure uninterruptible measurements.

* AM-DESK Lite does not support fully automated calibration.


Safety Guard

The station is CE marked, meeting EU’s safety, health, and environmental requirements. It adopts highly safe methods, including serial arrangement for emergency stop, a buzzer to indicate potential dangers with lights and sounds, and controllable force distance with servo-mechanists to ensure safe operations.

When paired with cobots*, it supports 10-grade collision detection and sensor safety detection to stop the robot from operating due to abnormal or potential dangers.

*The next robotic generation-known variously as “workplace assistant robots”, “collaborative robots” or just “cobots”-are designed to operate uncaged alongside people.

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Technical Specifications

Type AM-DESK 60120 AM-DESK Lite
Dimension 1200 x 600 x 177 mm (47.2 × 23.6 × 7.0 in) 1200*600*180 mm (47.2 × 23.6 × 7.1 in)
Weight 75 KG (165.3 lb) 70 KG (154.3 lb)
Turntable Payload ≤140 KG (308.6 lb) ≤75 KG (165.3 lb)
Max Rotational Speed of Turntable 50°/S 40°/S
Communication Interface TCP/IP TCP/IP
Robot Supported UR/UR5
AUBO/i5; i7
Han’s E05-L
Power Supply 110 V–220 V/50–60 Hz 220 VAC/50-60 Hz
Peak Power 900 W 700 W

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