ScanTech provides world-leading 3D digital solutions for customers in the aerospace industry, bringing disruptive improvements to the manufacturing efficiency.

How importance 3D scanning play in aerospace manufacturing?


3D inspection penetrates into the aircraft development & design, parts manufacture, parts assembly, complete assembly, testing and MRO (Maintenance, repair, operations) and so on, it brings unprecedented efficiency to these processes.

Scantech world-leading 3d measurement technology helps to solve difficulties for aircraft manufacturer, provides complete solution for aircraft manufacturing

– Product Inspection



Scantech 3D measurement technology truly deliver non-destructive testing. Compared with contact measurement, laser 3D scanning is much faster, more complete data and high flexibility. The 3D data can also be easily obtained on the parts that are difficult to detect in the traditional solutions such as complicated curved surfaces, turbine blades, and dead angles. The handheld 3D scanner can obtain true and reliable 3D data without causing secondary damage to the parts of the aircraft parts, thereby obtaining the deviation chromatograms, obtaining a perfect correction plan, greatly improving the detection efficiency and reducing the time and labor costs.


In the R&D phase of the aircraft, computer simulations can be performed on various parts of aircraft through 3D scanning. ScanTech metrology-class 3D scanners can acquire real CFD analysis models; at the same time, they can also measure and verify lightweight structural deformation conditions in aircraft operation tests, so as to achieve faster optimization of aircraft manufacturing.

– Wind Tunnel Testing


Through ultra-high accurate 3D scanning, we can compare the “as built” vs. ”as designed” shape of scale models in wind tunnel testing to ensuring the scaling doesn’t cause deviations.

-Structural Design · Reverse Engineering


Through 3D scanning of internal and external structures of the aircraft, we can get accurate 3D data and then generated CAD models. The structural dimensions of the fuselage and supporting facilities will be completely reconstruction for the secondary development and design of aircraft. SCANTECH provides reliable 3D digital solution with lower costs and better technology.

– Quality Control. Virtual Assembly


The 3D model obtained by 3D scanning can be applied to a virtual assembly. The virtual assembly can verify the correctness of assembly design and operation by 3d visualizing and spatial interacting, so as to figure out the problems during the assembling process as soon as possible and modify the model.
SCANTECH provides powerful 3D digital support for virtual assembly by our advanced 3D scanner.

– Repair & Maintenance


Maintenance & repair is an important part of the entire product cycle. A high-precision 3d measurement solution is a reliable guarantee to the safe flying of the aircraft.
ScanTech 3D measurement solution supports:

  • Wear and tear analyses
  • Inspection of repair work
  • 3D measurement of damaged/prepared surfaces

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