ScanTech provides world-leading 3D digital solutions for customers in the aerospace industry, bringing disruptive improvements to the manufacturing efficiency.

Why 3D Scanning Important to Aerospace Manufacturing

During aircraft manufacturing, 3D inspection is widely applied to development, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and MRO (Maintenance, repair, operations), which brings unprecedented efficiency to each procedure.

ScanTech’s world-leading 3D measurement technologies deliver comprehensive 3D solutions for aircraft manufacturers to overcome intractable issues.

3D Scanning and 3D Inspection on Aerospace Manufacturing

3D scanning aerospace

ScanTech 3D measurement technologies truly realize non-destructive inspection. Compared with contact measurement, 3D laser scanning is much faster and more flexible with capturing full 3D data. The 3D data of complicated curved surfaces, turbine blades, and dead angles can also be easily obtained, while the traditional solutions are hard to achieve. The handheld 3D scanners can get complete 3D data without mechanical wear of the aircraft’s parts and obtain deviation color maps. That is an efficient way to provide optimal modification plan and streamline labor cost.

3D Scanning · FEA/CFD

In the R&D phase of the aircraft, computer simulations can be performed on various parts through 3D scanning. ScanTech metrology-grade 3D scanners can acquire real CFD analysis models, besides, we can also measure and verify lightweight structural deformation conditions so as to achieve faster optimization.

Wind Tunnel Testing

During wind tunnel testing, the 3D scanning will get the deviations between the scaled-down 3D model and real aircraft to ensure the data accuracy.

Structural Design · Reverse Engineering

Through 3D scanning of the whole aircraft, we can get precise 3D data and then generate CAD models. The dimensions of the fuselage and equipped facilities will be completely reconstruction for further development and design. ScanTech provides the reliable 3D digital solution with lower cost and leading edge technologies.

Quality Control · Virtual Assembly

The 3D model obtained by 3D scanning can be applied to the virtual assembly that can verify the correctness of assembly design, operation by 3D visualization and spatial interaction. ScanTech 3D scanners deliver professional 3D digital support for virtual assembly, which is convenient to timely discover the problems during assembling and modify the model. Therefore, the workflow of quality control during product development and lifecycle will be highly streamlined.

Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance and repair are very important to the product cycle. A high-precision 3D measurement technology is a reliable guarantee for safety.

ScanTech 3D measurement solutions support:

  • Wear and tear analysis
  • Inspection of repair work
  • 3D measurement of damaged/prepared surfaces

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