About ScanTech

3D digital expert solution

ScanTech is specialized in the development, manufacture and sale of intelligent visual inspection equipment and provides professional 3D digital solutions for various industries.

Our R&D team developed series of 3D digital equipment with self-owned intellectual property rights such as handheld laser 3D scanner, composite 3D scanner, global 3D scanner, color 3D scanner, tracking 3D scanner and global photogrammetry system. Especially PRINCE series with capability of capturing extreme details and AXE series with high volumetric accuracy are global innovations, gaining great attention and recognition in the 3D digital field.

Why Choose Us?


All products are self-developed to enable you to experience the latest 3D measurement technology.

International purchasing

All key parts of our equipment are with international top brand to make sure the accuracy and stability of products.

China-Europe cooperation

ScanTech establishes a joint development center with Metronor, which has 30 years experience in optical measurement technology in Europe.

Worldwide customer

We provide the reliable 3D systems for many famous enterprises such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Boeing, General Motors and JLR.

Worldwide Customers

Our customers are all around the world, such as GermanyUSA, UK, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Czech, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Hungary, Thailand and Vietnam.

We provide reliable 3D systems for many famous enterprises such as Siemens, Volkswagen and Boeing.

Our Innovation Will Continue

As we move forward, we hope to continue to create innovative products that simplify your work and improve your businesses.

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