3D Inspection on Automotive Tube Bending

3D Inspection on Automotive Tube Bending

Automobile industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It reflects the comprehensive power and competitiveness of a country, and also closely relates to everyone’s life. Auto accessory is the foundation for the development of automobile industry, and the solid foundation will bring a prosperous future for it.


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Why does automotive tube bending need 3D inspection?


Automotive pipe manufacturing is an indispensable part of automotive accessories. However, manufacturers go through a lot of hardships for these pipes during producing and installation, because it will eventually affect the accessories installation and the overall structure without accurate automotive tube bending 3D data. Therefore, it is significant to get accurate tube bending 3D data.

Demerits of traditional devices


● Can’t effectively measure the objects.

● Artificial measurement is the only way to estimate that the installation is qualified or not.

● Causes great deviations.


Normal 3D measurement devices:

● Not easy carrying.

● Complicated operation procedures.

● Measurement performance is also not good enough.

Merits of ScanTech 3D scanner


●Attach the stickers on the ground

●Directly scan and accurately obtain complete tube bending 3D data

● Use ScanViewer software under background mode


●High precision

ScanTech Solution


1.Product: HSCAN771 handheld 3D laser scanner

handheld 3D laser scanner


2.3D scanning process

——3D scanning tube bending with stickers on the ground


3D scanning tube bending with stickers on the ground


——Tube bending 3D data


Tube bending 3D data


——Original CAD drawing
Original CAD drawing


——The overall deviations
The overall deviations



HSCAN handheld 3D laser scanner, independently developed by ScanTech, is suitable for automotive accessories 3D scanning in various sizes and types. Customers can combine the accurate automotive tube bending 3D data and original CAD drawing for further improvement. Meanwhile, tube bending 3D data can be also applied to reverse engineering for further development.

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