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Antique & Sculpture

3D Digital heritage of human civilization

3D Digital Technology Inherits Human Civilization

3D digitization is increasingly used for protection and restoration of cultural relics, construction of digital museums and design of handicrafts. 3D scanning is the fastest way for current 3D reconstruction. 3D scanners are user-friendly and very portable. They can easily acquire the 3D data of objects such as cultural relics, sculptures and artworks.

ScanTech iReal 2E color 3D scanner is designed specifically for artists in the field of cultural and sculptural works. It performs very smooth 3D scanning without markers, and generates extremely realistic 3D color models with abundant details and high precision.

3D scanning technology enjoys fast measurement speed and accurate capturing capacity.  It can get enough and precise 3D data from different directions, which contributes to restoration of culture relics in accidental damage. Experts can virtually restore the heritages through computer, and exert 3D models to do assistant researches.

3D scanning is not the only way to be applied in culture relics, 3D printing also contributes to displaying and simulating culture relics. It brings people great chance to get to know culture relics and better understand human beings’ history.


– Protection and restoration of cultural relics
– 3D data archives of cultural relics
– The construction of virtual museum

Protection and restoration of cultural relics


-Process Structure Analysis
-Secondary development design
-3D visualization

Process Structure Analysis

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