AXE 3d scanner Overturn 3d measurement for large volume

AXE 3d scanner Overturn 3d measurement for large volume

Sep 18, 2018
3D scanning changes the world
3D scanning changes the world

With the continuous development of science and technology, the use of conventional motors in the industrial field is gradually decreasing due to its low efficiency, waste energy and other shortcomings. The new high-efficiency and energy-saving motors are gradually applied in the industry. High-efficiency and energy-saving motors have high requirements on the precision of parts. The slight deformation easily occurs of the motor casing in the production process will affect the post-assembly. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out quality inspection through 3D scanning.


Q: What is the scanning object this time?
A: NEMA Energy Efficient Motor Enclosure (NEMA protection rating is the enclosure protection standard in the Industrial Controls and Systems of the American Electrical Manufacturers Association)

Q: Why do motor housings require 3D scanning?
A: During the manufacturing process of the motor casing, the outline and internal structure will be deformed. It is necessary to obtain the 3d data after deformation by means of 3d scanning and compare it with the original mathematical model to find out the defects in the manufacturing process of the motor casing.

Q: What is the traditional measurement method of water pump impeller? What is the difficulty of 3d measurement?
A: Photogrammetry 3d scanner, there are many problems with this measurement method:
1.The motor casing has a small internal space and a large number of structures. It is difficult to detect some dead angles in traditional photogrammetry 3d scanner measurement, which produces errors easily.
2.The surface of the object to be inspected is reflective, it requires powder spraying, which means the complicated operation. It is very difficult to clean the dead corners inside the casing at the later stage, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and greatly reduces work efficiency.

Q: What are the advantages of handheld 3D scanner measurement?
A: 1.No need to spray powder, save time and effort, and high efficiently.
2. There is no dead angle in the scanning, and the measuring speed is fast.
3. High data accuracy


Customer: An energy-saving motor production company of Cixi
Scanning object: Motor housing
Scanning device: Global 3D scanner| BEST 3D scanner for large volume
Scanning requirements: Obtain the date of the surface profile and internal structure
Aim: Analytical comparison with original CAD model data
Application: Quality Control

The motor housing has large dimensions, small internal space and complex structure. It is difficult to detect the effective data of every detail part in a photogrammetry 3d scanner. The workload is huge and the efficiency is low, which adds a lot of difficulty for the detection.

The latest research and development AXE-G7 global 3D scanner of Scantech is the world’s first global 3D scanner, in addition to all the features and functions of other handheld laser 3D scanners, the biggest breakthrough is to subvert the measurement way of large and medium objects. The AXE-G7 Global 3D Scanner perfectly meets customer needs in the following three aspects:
1.Extremely high volumetric accuracy meets the stringent quality control requirements of the enclosure;
2.The number of marked points is halved, and the scanning width of 2 times greatly improves the scanning efficiency, which greatly reduces the time cost;
3.Only one AXE 3D scanner can complete the whole measurement process, which can be easily controlled by a single person, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.


According to the requirements of customer for scanning the large size of the casing and its internal complex structure requirements of customers, Scantech provided AXE-G7 global 3d scanner to customers. After attaching the positioning marks on the surface and inside of the motor casing, connect the AXE-G7 to the computer, adjust the resolution and perform real-time imaging in 3D scanning to obtain point cloud data of the surface and internal structural details of the casing. Finally, the scanning data and CAD model data are compared to obtain the inspection results.

Scanning object:
developed for Scanning object
Device & Model: AXE-G7 Global 3D scanner
Device & Model: AXE-G7 Global 3D scanner
Measurement data
Measurement data
Scanning STL data
Detection comparison
Scanning STL data Detection comparison
Detecting comparison results
3D scanning working time

It takes 10 minutes to mark points.
It takes 20 minutes to scan.
It takes 5 minutes to inspect and report.
35 minutes in total.

The AXE-G7 Global 3D Scanner quickly and accurately obtains 3D data inside and outside the medium-sized motor housing without any equipment. By comparing with the original digital model, the defects in the production of the product can be obtained. At the same time, the AXE series of global 3D scanners have extremely high scanning accuracy, up to 0.03mm, which can completely meet the scanning requirements of various parts. The measurement precision is guaranteed and the working efficiency is improved.

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AXE 3d scanner Overturn 3d measurement for large volume


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