3D scanning the Aircraft wing by HSCAN 3D scanner

Jul 05, 2018
1.The Challenge of customer:

When the aircraft is flying, the air flow above and below the wings generates pressure on the wings. The deformation of the wings cannot be directly detected and the safety of the next flight cannot be guaranteed. The traditional method is to record the accumulated flight time of the wing according to the standard set by the experiencer. The wing is replaced after the flight time reaches a certain amount. So the resource utilization rate is low.

2.The 3D solution of Scantech

Because of the large volume of the wings and the high precision requirement of customers, the solution proposed by Scantech is the combination of global measurement system and hand-held laser 3d scanner.
To solve the deformation problem of the wings after the flight, firstly, obtaining the spatial positioning point of the wings by global photogrammetry system, and then obtain the 3D date by hand-held laser 3d scanner, finally, the scanning 3D data was compared with the numerical model of the wing, and the shape variables and the size of key parts were calculated after flight to ensure the safety of the next flight.

②Device & Model

MSCAN photogrammetry system is combined with HSCAN331 hand-held laser 3d scanner.


High scanning speed, high precision
No need to spray contrast enhancer, fast scanning speed and high work efficiency
There is no need to spray powder on the wing, and there is no need to do any pre-processing. You can start scanning after marking the points.
It can be scanned both indoors and outdoors, no need to be in a dark room or in a dark environment.

④Working time of global photogrammetry system and hand-held laser 3D scanner

Scanning object size: 3.8m*1.8m
Marking the points: c
Global photogrammetry system: 5 minutes
Scanning time: 10 minutes

3. 3D Scanning data and result

①Photo of the scene

②Scanning date

Need Specific Information

3D scanning the Aircraft wing by HSCAN 3D scanner


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