HSCAN Realizes 3D Inspection of Turbine Blades Easily

Jul 06, 2018

1.The problem of customer

Turbine is a fan in the engine of a car or airplane that improves the performance of the engine by blowing fuel vapor into the engine using exhaust gas. A turbine is a rotary power machine that converts the energy of a flowing medium into mechanical work. It is one of the main components of aero engines, gas turbines and steam turbines.

Customers of domestic machinery factories need to issue inspection reports because they accept overseas orders, and the traditional three-coordinate measurement efficiency is low, which seriously affects the production efficiency of enterprise work manufacturing, only a bit of the products are exported to overseas.

Scanning problem of turbine blade

①There are a large number of turbine blades, which cannot be quickly measured and detected by traditional measurement methods.

②There are many dead angles in the blade group, which results in incomplete 3D data acquisition and cannot be detected in 3D.

After understanding the high-efficiency and high-precision characteristics of the handheld 3D scanner, the customer tried to obtain the 3D data of the blade quickly and accurately to achieve the quality inspection of the turbine blade, thereby improving the efficiency of the enterprise greatly.

2.The solution of Scantech

Step1: Scanning turbine by Handheld laser 3D scanner for 3D date

Step2: 3D digital-to-analog comparison of 3d data with turbo digital model files

Step3: Analysis error

Step4: Product revisions subsequently

Device & Model: Handheld laser 3D scanner HSCAN331

Device & Model: Handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331

Product Features

No need to spray contrast enhancer, fast scanning speed and high work efficiency

High precision, small scanning dead Angle, easy to learn operation

Working Time of HSCAN

Stick mark point: For device self – positioning and scanning real – time splicing

3D Scanning: Obtain 3D dates

Data post-processing: Issue test report according to customer requirement

3.What is the process result of Scantech?

Obtain 3D dates by scanning

3D data fitting feature, obtaining section

Extract test elements according to the requirements of customer
Provide test results according to the requirements of customer


HSCAN handheld 3D scanner, flexible and convenient operation, scanning at multiple angles, greatly reducing the dead angle of scanning, ensuring data integrity, high scanning and forming speed, output data can be perfectly compatible with each 3D software. After using the HSCAN 3D scanner, the customer uses the scanner as an important tool in product design, initial inspection and mold inspection, and it also provides effective data support for R&D design and production warranty.

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HSCAN Realizes 3D Inspection of Turbine Blades Easily


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