Imagination at Metrology: Automated 3D Measurement Station AM-DESK

Imagination at Metrology: Automated 3D Measurement Station AM-DESK

Jul 19, 2022

We have officially launched an all-new automated 3D measurement station AM-DESK for efficient on-site batch measurements.

Engineered with intelligent systems and software, the measurement station aims to reduce the workload of measurements and improve efficiency. The ease of use is significantly enhanced due to its compact size, small footprint, and easy installation.

Automated 3D Measurement Station

AM-DESK can be paired with different collaborative robots and Scantech’s entire fleet of 3D scanners to automatically measure numerous parts. It suits well for on-site inspections on shop floors, in labs, and under harsh conditions, ensuring continuous 3D measurement with high precision.

The station comes with powerful and easy-to-use 3D software FlexScan, which has a simple user interface that allows for smooth human-machine interaction. The software has multiple communication methods to support the functioning of various collaborative robots and enables automated measurement with multi-positioners in different scenarios.

3D measure small-scale parts

Scantech is renowned for its automated 3D measurement systems AutoScan-K and AutoScan-T, which realize non-destructive inspection using machine vision technology. While ensuring extra-high accuracy, they can effectively carry out batch scanning and inspection without stopping.

AM-DESK, boasting the same advantages as these two systems, takes the automated industrial measurement to the next level by offering more robust performance in a compact size.

 Quick Installation

With a weight of only 75 kg, the automated measuring station AM-DESK can be deployed with maximum flexibility. It can be placed directly on desks and mechanical platforms without extra effort. Therefore, it reduces the footprint that is typically required with a piece of measurement equipment.

Advantage: Easy Integration into Various Scenarios

Vast applications

Robust Performance

Thanks to its fast data capturing and processing, AM-DESK impresses us with an outstanding performance. The station enables non-contact and full-field inspections of parts within 100 kilograms.

By measuring large quantities of parts in batches, it can be smoothly integrated into automated quality control processes for mass production.

The station saves the trouble of monitoring the machine by calibrating it automatically when operating in an unstable environment. It can automatically calibrate its sensor after a scanning session or even when the environmental conditions change, consistently ensuring uninterruptible measurements.

Automated calibration

Once the measurements are completed, the station can generate inspection reports automatically by comparing actual 3D coordinates and CAD data. It allows manufacturers to detect quality issues faster and achieve a shorter downtime.

Advantage: Accelerate Measuring Time

Easy Programming

Engineered with a PLC and servo-mechanists system, the measurement station can achieve programmable and automated measurement when paired with multiple collaborative robots. At the click of a button, it can conduct complex measurement tasks via pr-planned measuring paths.

The sensor-mounted cobot on the station moves to numerous pre-programmed positions according to the directions of operators.

Its automatic teaching allows the user to operate the station without specific robot programming skills. Engineers and operators with different levels of expertise can use it with ease.

Advantage: Ensure Reliable Uninterruptible Measurement

Easy programming

Easy Operation

AM-DESK measurement station is a turnkey solution that is free from rigid measurement setup. Users can plan measurement sequences and execute them automatically and efficiently.

The AM-DESK is perfect for measuring components with various geometries, finishes, and materials, including small-scale plastic, casting, and stamping parts. It is reliable and powerful to conduct measurements and supports versatile functions such as color maps, GD&T analysis, and dimensional measurements.

Advantage: Allow for Effective Measurement

FlexScan Software

Diverse Accessories

It is compatible with different cobots and the entire fleet of Scantech’s 3D scanners from the composite 3D scanner KSCAN-Magic to the compact handheld 3D scanner SIMSCAN.

The industrial cobot can work in unison with positioners to expand the robot’s capabilities. The positioners support trays in different sizes from small, medium to large and flexible tooling.

This way, the workpiece in different sizes and types can be mounted onto the positioner’s tooling. The cobot on the station can automatically change different measuring paths to inspect parts among other positions.

Advantage: Flexible Use with Attachable Positioners

Automated 3D measurement station with positioners

Safety Guard

The sophisticated measurement station has been designed with numerous safety features to keep the operating process safe.

The safety measures include a serial arrangement for emergency stop, a buzzer to indicate potential dangers with lights and sounds, and controllable force distance with servo-mechanists to ensure safe operations.

When an unexpected behavior or accident occurs, operators can stop the robot by pressing an emergency stop button. Due to its series arrangement, the station can be stopped to prevent machine hazards.

Advantage: Prevent Potential Risks

Safety guard & collision avoidance

Benefit from our on-site automated 3D measurement station and get precise measurement results. Learn more.

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Imagination at Metrology: Automated 3D Measurement Station AM-DESK


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