iReal 3D Scanner — An Easier Way to Make Prosthesis

Jan 16, 2019

ScanTech iReal 3D scanner can quickly and accurately obtain 3D data of legs without paste or contact, greatly shorten the time of making prosthetic, and effectively relieve patients’ pain.

Xia Boyu, 69-year-old, finally reached the top of Mount Everest on the fifth attempt by his prosthesis.

3D scanner prosthesis

He said: “as long as I can, I’ll keep climbing all the time, and live for every day. No matter what the result is, I have to insist on it. Climbing Mount Everest is my lifetime dream”.
His dream is just like his legs to support him, to break shackles, to create miracles.

Prosthesis replaces some functions of the lost limb, and helps patients from self-care and working ability. It must be more precise for better wearing and less pain. High qualified prosthesis matches well with patients’ lost limb, and they will feel more comfortable and be easy to get rid of mental and physical pressures.

Traditional way to produce prosthesis is made by hand with tedious procedures, and it depends on technicians’ personal experience. Data in this process can’t be saved, as a result, it takes more time to reconstruct prosthesis after being damaged, and patients need to bear with such pains once again.

Patient has to take off his clothes and wear a damp plaster bandage, which is very uncomfortable mentally and physically. In addition, it takes a long time to make a plaster model manually, and manual measurement can’t guarantee the accuracy (more than 10 data need to be measured accurately just to make a lower limb prosthesis). Wearing such a prosthesis is very likely to cause symptoms such as swelling, pain and muscle atrophy, which is bound to increase patients’ burden in all aspects.

How to solve this problem?

iReal 3D scanner can quickly and accurately obtain data of legs, that is how to get a complete and precise 3D model by 3D software.

iReal 3D scanner is user-friendly and easy carrying, moreover, it brings much convenience to medical enterprises, because the cost and time of making prosthesis can be decreased a lot by combining 3D printing technology. And patients’ 3D data can be effectively established for further treatment.

iReal 3D scanner
3D health care

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iReal scanning process
iReal scanning process


stl data of the leg

stl data of the leg

iReal 3D scanner can scan things without stickers. It reaches a speed at 550,000 points/s and utilizes 3D printing technology, which can shorten the time for making prosthesis. Hence, 3D scanner not only facilitates enterprises to become highly efficient,  but also makes patients feel more comfortable to wear.

Traditional solution 3D scan solution
Time cost 2 days  0.5 hour

Prosthesis made by 3D scanning technology makes patients integrate into society faster and rebuild confidence.

In the future, ScanTech will be continuously committed to playing an important role in medical field and make a better world via innovative 3D scanning technology.

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iReal 3D Scanner — An Easier Way to Make Prosthesis


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