iReal 3D V3.0 Upgrade Highlights

Sep 30, 2021

Scantech, a leading technology company that specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of 3D scanners, has released the latest 3D scanner software iReal 3D V3.0.

Engineered by an AI-powered algorithm, this ground-breaking update of iReal 3D software greatly enhances the users’ experience and speeds up 3D digitization process. The functions including optimized data quality, real-time color map, mixed alignment modes and multi-scene switch enable smart and simple 3D measurement. Here we’d like to share with you our major upgrades.

Unique Characteristics

Compatible resolution

iReal 3D V3.0 unveils new ways to scan with great compatibility in low and high  resolutions for multiple levels of detail. The new feature allows users to position 3D scanners close to areas with rich textures and geometry to capture every detail (resolution of up to 0.200 mm).

It also empowers users to scan areas with few details in a long range for a larger field of view to considerately reduce alignment errors and scanning time (scanning distance of up to 1,000 mm). In this way, we perfectly balance efficiency with quality.

long-range scanning, close-range scanning

Smart color map

This new feature allows users to monitor the scanning process in real time to ensure accurate scanning results. When scanning an object, green color map indicates a high quality data capturing, and red shows opposite results. The smart color map function eliminates the problems that we hardly evaluate the real-time scanning performance before.

Smart color map

Multi-scene switch

iReal 3D V3.0 supports multi-scene switch among project interface, point cloud, mesh files, and color mapping. It offers the freedom to switch back to project interface to continue scanning and set new resolution, or to interface of point clouds to re-finalize or optimize mesh files. It is a great way for users to try out different parameters without starting from scratch and beginners to experience a smooth 3D scanning quickly.

3D scanning, point cloud,mesh file

High adaptability to different colors

iReal 3D V3.0 is optimized to scan both white and black surfaces at the same time thanks to its unique algorithm. With its high adaptability to different colors, the software will automatically make the overall exposure as correct as possible. It is perfect for users to embrace a simple and smooth 3D scanning.

high adaptability to different colors, exposure, 3D scanning

High sensitivity to hair

Scanning of hair won’t be a tricky task for upgraded iReal 3D V3.0. With one-click enhanced mode, we can capture more amount of point clouds of thin and dark hair. This mode increases the sensitivity of a 3D scanner to help it scan various hairstyles even complicated haircuts.

iReal 3D, mesh mapping process

Invisible light 3D experience

Infrared VCSEL structured light brings you the safest and most comfortable 3D scanning experience, eliminating the issues of dazzling lights. It is safe for human body scanning and does no harm to human eyes. It suits perfectly for medical rehabilitation and 3D digitalization of human body.

3D scanning for human,VCSEL structured light

Dynamic capture of texture and geometry

iReal 3D V3.0 allows you to set parameters for the richness of texture and geometric features. When there are few geometry and texture details, users can set a higher parameter to capture obvious details. This function ensures that 3D scanner always captures point clouds based on rich texture and geometry to minimize errors of alignment.

Robust performance

AI-powered algorithm

AI-powered algorithm of iReal 3D V3.0 hugely intensifies the quality of the point clouds and details of mesh files. It helps experts and beginners manage project complexities with persuasive 3D demonstrations. This advanced algorithm enables our versatile 3D scanner iReal to be capable of meeting any need.

Robust performance AI-powered algorithm

Intelligent alignment

When scanning an object object without enough geometric features and textures, intelligent mixed alignment mode can easily solve the problem out only through a few markers, greatly contributing to high-accuracy and repeatability of scan results.

The software widens the use of iReal to be adopted in reverse engineering of various products such as castings and sanitary products, virtual simulation, 3D visualization, even vehicle modification and customization, delivering a cost-effective 3D solution for users.

reflective surface, car, modification
Thoughtful Interaction Design Automatic saving of project files

Thoughtful Interaction Design

Automatic saving of project files

When the scan is suspended, the scanning results can be saved in real time; when the suspended scan resumes, you can continue previous recovery without scanning from beginning; when the scanning completes, all the scanning results can be saved automatically.

Off-line operation

Users can open the software even if there is no dongle around. The software supports you to browse for training and teaching, view and re-edit data in an off-line mode. The engineering documents can be processed simultaneously with multiple computers.

Easy-to-use presets

Drawing lights from user feedback, our developers have preset various setting parameters for beginners to enjoy a smooth start. When scanning with a 0.700 mm point distance, the scanning distance would be 280 mm to 600 mm. The scanning distance will be automatically altered as you select different resolutions.

When unexpected movement happens in the human body scanning, iReal can automatically delete segments that moved slightly and re-align the scans.

Friendly interaction

When you accidentally close the software, you can recover your data by just reopening the software. The software also has a built-in reminder that reminds you to lower your scanning resolution when there is no enough disk spaces left.

Interactive alignment tool

This feature enables users to align coordinates of 3D models right after scanning to best fit their target scenes. It saves the extra step to import the file to third-party software to align coordinates.

White balance calibration

When the ambient light changes, users can calibrate the white balance with a gray or white card that comes with the software in case the colors go haywire. This function ensures that you capture authentic color in every scanning process.

Our newly-launched software iReal 3D V3.0 is designed to help you navigate the 3D scanning process with ease. With strong technical strength and a professional team, Scantech will continue exploring innovations in 3D digitization.

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iReal 3D V3.0 Upgrade Highlights


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