Application of KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner in the Shoe Mold Industry

Application of KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner in the Shoe Mold Industry

Jun 24, 2021

The traditional shoe mold manufacturing method is based on the sample provided by the customer, the master uses traditional measuring tools to manually measure the key positions of the sample to obtain 2D data, then join the actual shape of the sample to draw a 2D engineering drawing, and finally a 3D model is handed over to production. Due to human errors and manual measurement errors, the problem of 3D data distortion often occurs, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

At present, 3D scanning technology can quickly complete 3D reconstruction, without the participation of masters and 3D production personnel. 3D scanning physical molds can be converted into CAD models, effectively optimizing the shoe mold production process and improving production efficiency. This is particularly important for sole model samples with more complex shapes and more curved surfaces.

3D scanner in the shoe mold industry 1

The client in this case is a shoe mold supplier for a world-renowned sports brand, who previously used a camera scanner. Because powder spraying is required before scanning, and the shoe mold needs to be moved to a fixed scanning spot for scanning, the operation was not flexible enough, so expectation was finding a more convenient and efficient solution.

Scanning Difficulties

  • There is a high requirement for fine details, while the features of the bottom pattern are complex, and there are many small blind corners.
  • Ensure data integrity and obtain a clear die line.

SCANTECH 3D Solution

SCANTECH provides customers with a set of 3D digital solutions that are more suitable for scanning and inspection of complex shoe molds: First, scan with the KSCAN-Magic composite 3D scanner high-speed scanning mode to obtain most of the data, and then use the fine mode scan to obtain the features of the mold opening. The deep hole mode complements the scanning of the bottom pattern dead corners, and quickly obtains the lower mold opening and its thickness data, so as to provide high-quality point cloud data for the design of the upper mold. In addition, the scanned data can be compared with the digital model to generate a color map to show the mold profile deviations, and provide inspection reports for product delivery.

3D scanner in the shoe mold industry 2


Advantages of the solution

1. Ultra-high precision restores the ultimate details

Higher point cloud resolution is required for the accurate collection of the boundary, hole position, and fine features of shoe molds. The KSCAN-Magic is the world’s first scanner to offer red and blue laser dual-mode working modes. The minimum resolution of blue light can reach 0.01mm, which is cable of restoring details with high efficiency and high precision.

2. Fast and portable, retest at any time

The equipment is small and flexible, with low requirement for light, suitable for various environments, and convenient to carry; when there is a missing element, it can be picked up at any time without re-fixing, and there is no secondary positioning deviation.

3. Fast scanning, with no need to spray powder

Laser scanning acquires three-dimensional data on the surface of the shoe mold without powder spraying, and free of damage to the mold; with ultra-high acquisition rate of 13,500,000 times/sec, scanning and testing can be completed in about 10 minutes.

Data scanning
Data scanning
Die line extraction
Die line extraction

3D scanner in the shoe mold industry 5

Comparison of surface deviations
Comparison of surface deviations



The KSCAN-Magic composite 3D scanner can not only be used for the extraction of sole model data, but also for the redesign of shoe molds and the error analysis of shoe molds, which is the process in the production process of shoe molds. Optimization and product optimization bring new solutions.


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Application of KSCAN-Magic Composite 3D Scanner in the Shoe Mold Industry


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