Customize a Large RV with Optical 3D Measurement System TrackScan-Sharp

Nov 02, 2023

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are popular among people who enjoy travelling and exploring the outdoors. However, not all RVs are suitable for everyone’s needs and preferences.

Some people may want more space, comfort, or functionality in their RVs, while others may have specific requirements for safety, or mobility. Therefore, there is a growing demand for more customized RVs that can cater to individual needs and desires.

Scantech’s high-tech optical 3D measurement systems and 3D laser scanners, a way to capture 3D data of vehicles, can help make personalized cars. In the following case, we will show you how the customer used Scantech’s 3D scanners to customize a large RV.

Customize Vehicle’s Exterior Appearance

The customer in this case wants to obtain the 3D data of the whole vehicle to customize its exterior appearance by painting, applying PPF customizing the body kit etc.

The customization aims to meet personalized needs and improve the comfort and attractiveness of the whole vehicle.

The customer previously relied on traditional measurement tools such as measuring tape, rangefinder, etc. to manually measure the geometry of the RV, then draw drawings according to the measurement results. They modified vehicles based on the measurement results.

However, there are some disadvantages of the previous measurement methods:

• Measuring the RV manually is a tedious and costly task, as it involves measuring each part separately and taking a lot of time and labour.

• Traditional measurement tools are not very accurate and reliable, as they can be affected by human errors and other factors. This can lead to wrong measurements and poor modification results.

• Traditional measurement methods can only provide isolated points or dimensions of an object. To construct a complete model from these data, manual calculations and integration are required. This process is not only laborious but also prone to errors, which can compromise the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement.

Challenge: Measure for Large Size and Intricate Details

The vehicle has a large size, with dimensions of 6 m × 2.5 m × 2.8 m. It would be time-consuming to measure and difficult to guarantee the precision of such a large volume.

The RV has a complex geometry, with features such as curves, grooves, arcs, and fine details. Capturing every detail completely and accurately poses great challenges for measurement methods.

Optical 3D Measurement System for Efficient and Precise Scanning

3D scanner: TrackScan-Sharp

Scantech’s optical 3D measurement system

The customer used Scantech’s optical 3D measurement system TrackScan-Sharp to scan the RV with high speed and accuracy. It has a scanning speed of up to 2.6 million measurements/s and a scanning area of 500 mm × 600 mm. It completed the whole scanning process in just one hour.

a large tracking range of up to 49 m3

TrackScan-Sharp has a large tracking range of up to 49 m3, with a measurement distance of up to 6m.

Therefore, there was no need for engineers to move the i-Tracker frequently to measure the large VR, minimizing the errors caused by moving the tracker three times, the engineer was able to get the whole 3D data of the vehicle and its dimensions.

accurately collected data

It accurately collected data from various materials on the RV, such as reflective or bright surfaces like windows, headlights, grilles, and wheel hubs, or black surfaces like chassis and tires. No powder spraying was used to scan these materials thanks to its powerful material adaptability.

25 megapixel high-performance industrial camera

It has a 25-megapixel high-performance industrial camera, with a maximum measurement level accuracy of 0.025 mm. It easily captured 3D data of complex surfaces and small details on the vehicle body, with the help of its outstanding algorithm capabilities.

processing and analysis
3D data model

After scanning, the point cloud data was imported into the 3D software for processing and analysis. It generated a 3D data model that can guide the subsequent RV modification design.

What Did the Customer Say
The laser 3D scanner TrackScan-Sharp

What Did the Customer Say

The laser 3D scanner TrackScan-Sharp from Scantech is flexible and portable. It has a large scanning range, high measurement accuracy, and strong stability.

It can scan the vehicle without any powder spraying, or frequent position changes. It can finish the measurement task in just one hour, with an accuracy that meets the requirements.

The 3D scanner is not restricted by volume or space and can be moved to any position on the vehicle for measurement.

It can also produce high-quality 3D data of the vehicle in real time, which helps our developers to customize the vehicle more efficiently. This greatly improves our work efficiency and saves us time and labour costs.


Scantech’s 3D measurement solution helped the customer get high-precision 3D data of their RV efficiently and accurately. This assisted them in completing the customization tasks for the RV.

Scantech’s products and solutions can also be applied to other areas of the automotive industry, such as development and design, stamping inspection, body inspection, component inspection, maintenance and repair, and customization of other vehicle models (such as racing cars, small cars, go-karts, etc.).

We provide professional 3D data acquisition methods for global customers, reducing testing labor and time costs, and driving the digital transformation and upgrading of the automotive manufacturing industry.

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Customize a Large RV with Optical 3D Measurement System TrackScan-Sharp


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