How to view and share your home in VR?

May 28, 2018
The status of industry

With the development of computer technology, 3D visualization has become more and more widely used in social life. In the past two years, the application forms of 3d visualization in the Internet home decoration industry have become more and more diverse. VR home decoration, AR furniture shopping and other concepts have become more and more popular. The introduction of virtual reality technology into the interior decoration remote display has opened up a new product display method for real estate companies, decoration companies and other related companies. However, the traditional display decoration of the interior requires 3D modeling of the displayed objects, which also leads to the high threshold for the general interior decoration and furniture industry, and the cost is too large. The high-speed scanning and rapid modeling function of the Scantech’s handheld 3D scanner is in line with the needs of customers in the home improvement industry, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of modeling, improving the efficiency of modeling, and helping the rapid transformation of traditional home improvement companies in the starting era of 3D visualization.

1.The problem of customer:

Gujia Home caters to the trend of technology, and plans to use 3D display technology to enable consumers to more fully understand the product features and details, at the same time, improving the propaganda quality and effectiveness of the home decoration furniture through 3D display technology. The prerequisite for 3D display is 3D date. The traditional method is to obtain the 3d model which is similar to the appearance of the product through artificial 3d modeling. This method is not only time-consuming, but also the authenticity of the model is not high, especially some details, it is difficult to reproduce by manual modeling. Gujia Home hopes that Scantech can provide a way to obtain 3d model, with more convenient and fast, and the details of the model are more realistic. Scantech uses the handheld 3D scanner HSCAN to scan furniture, which not only improves the efficiency of acquiring 3D models, but also improves the quality of 3D models, and obtains clear and realistic 3D models through post-processing, which perfectly solves the problems of Gujia Home.

2.The solution of scantech

Step1: The handheld 3D scanner HSCAN quickly and accurately acquires the positioning point information of the scanning object on the surface, as well as the object 3D data.
Step2: Professional software is used to make high-resolution photos into maps and map them to 3d models. Finally, high-quality 3d models with textured colors can be obtained.

Device & Model:
HSCAN Handheld 3D scanner

Device & Model: Handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331
Scanning working time:

Stick mark point: 10 minutes
3D Scanning: 5 minutes

Real shot of scanning the sofa
Real shot of scanning the sofa
Paste scanning process
Paste scanning process
3.What is the process result of Scantech?

Obtain 3D dates by scanning
Scanning point cloud and stl. date

Obtain 3D dates by scanning

HSCAN handheld 3D scanner quickly and conveniently acquires the 3D data of the leather sofa, and restores the sofa to the PC and mobile terminals, enabling the customers of Gujia Home to understand the details of the products more conveniently and comprehensively online. It took the first step to realize AR shopping technology for Gujia Home.

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How to view and share your home in VR?


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