PRINCE dual laser 3D scanner, redefine industrial 3D measurement

Dec 03, 2018

when the concept of virtual reality became more and more popular In 2016, VR is well known by everyone,however,3D scanning technology is rarely noticed. 3D scanning technology required for 3D remodeling is widely applied to architecture, business, medical, military, industrial, film and television effects, 3D printing, and the hottest VR, AR, etc.

Industria 3D measurement weakness:

There are two main 3D scanners in industrial 3D measurement field such as handheld 3D scanner with high portability and flexibility and camera 3D scanner with high resoultion and high detail,whose advantage are well known in current industry.
But there is no one handheld scanner combination these two scanner advantage,not only scan high detail tiny object,but also efficiently scan large volume.
There are different size modeling ,different requirement for detail and complex environment in 3D measurement field,which leads to a single camera or handheld laser scanner not solve all of scanning problems.So the user should decide to purchase two kinds scanners to meet different requirement.

Prince redefine industrial 3d measurement

Scantech launched Prince handheld dual laser 3D scanner combination with portability and high detail in 11th NOv,2016,which perfectly solve weakness in current industry ,easy to scan from tiny parts to plane.

Prince 3D scanner also combine Scantech efficient image graphic algorithm and Powerful data post-processing, its emergency is bound to overturn the tradition and redefine the industrial 3d measurement.

Prince 3D scanner core strengths

Prince is developed by Scantech for 2years with global pioneering band field depth technology, overturn traditional handheld 3d scanner working mode.

we analyze the difference between Prince 3d scanner and traditional hand-held 3d scanner, take parameter of Prince 335 as a example:

Dual scan mode: Red standard scan mode and Blue hyperfine scan mode. Two working mode can switch rapidly. Standard mode R inherit traditional 3D scanner function and effect; hyperfine scan mode B with ultra-detail capture same as high equipped camera 3d scanner. All data from two working mode is in same file without post-processing.

Fast scanning, equip with 129fps camera, scanning speed is twice higher than normal handheld 3d scanner
Extreme detail: resolution is up to 0.01mm,the detail degree is five times than normal handheld 3D scanner, greatly improve 3D data detail degree.

Prince 3d scanner debut in DMP exhibition (booth NO.3,3A17) in 29th Nov, for more information pls visit

Prince 3d scanner begin to receive reservation from December.

Scantech  crazy 3D lab activity

Scantech will start a month-long offline 3d scanning free experience in Hangzhou on 1th Dec,whether you are experienced or not,Prince will invite you to challenge its extreme detail,play with black technology together.

Scantech crazy 3D lab activity

3D scanner development trend
Contact measurement
Advantage:high precision,up to um grade
Not restrict for object color & light
Suitable for simple shape object
Easy to damage probe and surface of scanned object
Unable to measure soft object,limited application
Slow scanning speed(restricted by mechanical movement)
Object size restricted by CMM size
Sensitive to environment temperature
Only to obtain key points
Not reflect the whole shape of parts
Most important: super expensive

Non-contact camera 3D scanner

Non-contact camera 3D scanner
High detail
High accuracy
Can scan small and complex object

Bad flexibility
Bad accuracy for large volume
Low efficiency for complex object
High requirement for color,material of scanned object
Image enhancement needed for dark or shiny object

Non-contact Handheld 3d scanner
High portable and flexible
Suitable for large volume, complex object, polysurface
Easy to scan shiny and black surface
Easy to deal in indoor and outdoor not affected by environment light
Self-position scanner secure full freedom of movement
Detail is not as good as camera scanner
Not good for tiny parts

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PRINCE dual laser 3D scanner, redefine industrial 3D measurement


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