When the woodcarving meets the PRINCE 3D scanner

When the woodcarving meets the PRINCE 3D scanner

May 28, 2018

Summary: The original dual-mode mode of PRINCE 3D scanner helps the woodcarving industry to quickly and accurately obtain the 3D data model of the woodcarving surface, greatly reducing the modeling cycle and labor cost of the woodcarving industry. The obtained 3D data model is more accurate than manual engraving and can be widely used in the fields of 3D engraving, 3D printing, etc., the three-dimensional scanning technology is used to realize the revolution in the wood carving industry. The following is a 3D scanning application case for customers in the woodcarving industry.

3D scanner and woodcarving

With the popularity of 3D engraving equipment in the woodcarving industry, a CNC stereo engraving machine can simultaneously produce several three-dimensional or flat wood carving crafts, greatly simplifying the engraving cycle and difficulty of the traditional wood carving industry. The premise of 3D engraving work is to have a complete woodcarving 3D model, so that programming can be added to achieve intelligent manufacturing or 3D printing. However, the texture of woodcarving is intricate and detailed, traditional 3D modeling has two major obstacles:
① Long modeling cycle and high labor costs
② It is difficult for a modeler to accurately model wood carvings which is extremely complex
Therefore, a simple, fast and efficient 3d modeling method plays a vital role in the wood carving industry.

The appearance of PRINCE with two-color laser handheld 3D scanner is the biggest gospel in the wood carving industry. Next, let’s take a look at what kind of sparks might collide between hand-held 3D scanners and wood carvings


1. The problem of customer:

The customer scans the complex and exquisite texture of the woodcarving, which is mainly used for the development of the product. Originally, the woodcarving product was scanned with a camera-type 3D scanner, and it was found that there were too many dead angles; even the fine-grained woodcarvings needed to be sprayed with the developer, greatly affected work efficiency. PRINCE handheld 3D scanner with red and blue two-color laser dual-mode is the only one in the world. It combines the high-efficiency portable of handheld 3D scanner and high details of the camera scanner. The refined pattern of woodcarving is perfectly restored to obtain a high-precision 3D data model.

2. The solution of Scantech

By arranging the marking points for the complexity of the various parts of the wood carving, the marking points are read using a PRINCE three-dimensional scanner, and the obtained point data is post-processed to form a three-dimensional model, which is then used for 3D engraving and 3D printing.

Step1: Mark the positioning points quickly without pre-treatment such as dusting
Step2: Switching the red and blue laser mode of Handheld 3d scanner PRINCE335, while taking into account the scanning efficiency and scanning details, so that the 3D data of various parts of woodcarving can be obtained quickly and accurately.
Step3: Post-processing 3D data of woodcarving to generate a complete 3D model.

Device & Model: Handheld laser 3D scanner PRINCE335

Device & Model: Handheld 3D scanner HSCAN331

3. What is the process and result of Scantech?

① initial preparation work
Mark points: large points combined with small points for blue light to avoid details

initial preparation work

Mark points

② PRINCE Blue alser 3D scanning mode

PRINCE Blue alser 3D scanning mode
Blue laser scanning

4. Data post-processing

Data post-processing
Cloud points and stl date obtained by scanning
Cloud points and stl date obtained by scanning
Stl data details
3D scanning working time

It takes 5 minutes to mark points
It takes 10 minutes to scan
It takes 5 minutes to data post-processing
It takes 20 minutes in total

5. Conclusion

The PRINCE series of handheld 3D scanners of Scantech has an absolute advantage over traditional handheld 3D scanners and camera 3D scanners. It not only scans large objects efficiently, but also scans complex objects with very high details. A device can scan both the plane and the coin, which can be described as “size-take-all”. It is the best choice for 3D modeling. The enterprise of wood carving industry can easily improve productivity after they own the unique 3d scanners created by Scantech.

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When the woodcarving meets the PRINCE 3D scanner


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