Scantech 3D Scanning Solutions Help Upgrade the Industrial Manufacturing at the Formnext 2022

Scantech 3D Scanning Solutions Help Upgrade the Industrial Manufacturing at the Formnext 2022

Nov 23, 2022

The highly anticipated International Exhibition for Precision Molding and 3D Printing Manufacturing – Formnext was successfully held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 15-18 November 2022.

As the world’s leading 3D digitizing solutions provider, Scantech brought its full range of scanning equipment to the exhibition.


Highlights of the Formnext 2022

The range of exhibits was very diverse, and Scantech’s booth was quite eye-catching! We showcased our full product lineup, including handheld 3D scanners, automated 3D systems, color 3D scanners, and the latest generation of our wireless scanning smart module.

The products are oriented toward full-scene applications, including reverse engineering, 3D inspection, 3D visualization, 3D printing, automated inspection, etc.

At Formnext 2022Scantech attracted many visitors to the booth. The rich-experienced Scantech sales and AE team conducted on-site demonstrations for visitors, and ideas on the application of 3D digitizing technology in full scenarios of industrial and non-industrial are exchanged focally.


KSCAN Composite 3D Scanner

KSCAN composite 3D scanner lineup is a series of professional, highly integrated, and portable 3D scanners, which is the world’s first metrology-grade laser scanner with infrared + blue laser.

High-speed scanning, fine scanning, and deep-hole scanning are offered to the operator for free switching of scanning modes, enabling efficient batch inspection.


SIMSCAN Portable 3D Laser Scanner

SIMSCAN, the only palm-sized 3D scanner on the market, has become a disruptive innovation among professional 3D scanners due to its compact size, simplicity, and robust performance. Its outstanding design wins itself German Red Dot Award and China Design Silver Award.

SIMSCAN is ready to take 3D measurements for both narrow spaces and large-scale parts anytime.


AIRGO Power Smart Module

The AirGO Power smart module was unveiled at Formnext as its first overseas appearance. The response was overwhelming, and visitors were eager to try out the new generation of wireless scanning solutions from Scantech.

The AirGO Power is tailored to complex scanning environments such as long-distance and outdoor areas. It can completely get rid of the constraints of computers and cables, allowing post-processing and presentation for the collected data instead of a computer.

TrackScan-P Optical 3D Measurement System

TrackScan-P Optical 3D Measurement System

This optical 3D measurement system, consisting of a portable 3D scanner and an optical tracker E-Track, suits well for 3D scanning large-scale objects.

The TrackScan-P system can be equipped with an auxiliary light module for more accurate measurements for circles, grooves, and machined holes of stamping parts.

AM-DESK Automated 3D Measurement Station

AM-DESK Automated 3D Measurement Station

The AM-DESK automated 3D measurement system provides a fully-automated batch inspection solution.

Consisting of an intelligent control system, multiple servo-mechanists, a safety system, a motion control system, measurement, and analysis software, and SPC batch analysis software, the station facilitates efficient and unmanned batch inspection.

It suits well for on-site inspections on shop floors, in labs, and under harsh conditions to ensure continuous 3D measurement with high precision.

iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

iReal 2E Color 3D Scanner

iReal 2E 3D body scanner maximizes the performance in depth of field and scanning area and adopts VCSEL structured light, making it beginner friendly. iReal features a cutting-edge algorithm that enables detailed reproduction of the color texture of objects, bringing us high-quality color 3D data.

On-site Demonstrations by Local Professional Team

On-site Demonstrations by Local Professional Team

During the exhibition, Scantech’s local team provided visitors with detailed explanations and demonstrations patiently, which motivated them to experience our cutting-edge 3D scanners with their hands.

Thanks to the professional support of the local team, the enchantment of technology from Scantech has been passed on to more people.

Scantech will continue to explore the development of the 3D digitization industry in many aspects in the future with a dedicated mindset and innovative spirit.

About Formnext

Formnext is the world’s largest international event in additive manufacturing and modern industrial production.

Formnext 2022 spotlights the integrated application of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies in the production chain and presents innovative solutions for the whole life cycle from product design to industrial mass production.

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Scantech 3D Scanning Solutions Help Upgrade the Industrial Manufacturing at the Formnext 2022


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