ScanTech Appoints Mike Ma As Chief Revenue Officer

Apr 10, 2020

ScanTech is a worldwide technology-oriented 3D digitalization company, committing to delivering comprehensive and cutting-edge 3D technology solutions unswervingly.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mike Ma to be our CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), starting on April 8th, 2020.

Serving as the General Manager of China in many well-known worldwide companies, Mike has accumulated over 20 years of management knowledge and experience in the 3D digital technology field. His coming and contribution will bring new ideas and power to the development and management of Scantech.

“I’m very delighted to join ScanTech, to be a member of this innovative and creative team. Over the past several years, ScanTech has achieved amazing growth and great success in the 3D digital technology business. These achievements make me feel excited and proud to join ScanTech.” Said Mike. “I believe, with the effort of all of us, we can explore more potential development. ScanTech will definitely become one of the worldwide 3D digital technology leaders.”

Mr. Jeff Wang, CEO of ScanTech, said “ We are very pleased to the arrival of Mike. He has contributed a lot during the promotion and formed a deep understanding of 3D digital technology business in his career life. Mike’s rich experience will carry a big weight to our development and strategies. We are convinced his coming will inspire innovative ideas and  strengthen the growth of ScanTech.”

Although the COVID-19 seems to make everything slow down, ScanTech never stopped. We will continue to keep moving forward with a passionate, innovative and brave spirit. Through our most efforts, we believe that we can provide the most satisfactory service and technical solution to our worldwide customers!


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ScanTech Appoints Mike Ma As Chief Revenue Officer


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